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Subscribe By E-mail

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At some point last year I enabled subscribe by e-mail functionality on my (feedburner) RSS feed… and then forgot to tell anyone about it.

Of course, this has given me sufficient time to “test” what Feedburner offers in the way of e-mail notification and it’s not bad. Every morning — assuming I’ve blogged the day before — I get an e-mail with the entries from the previous day. Because I allow links and images through, it’s like having a mini version of my website in my inbox! (Except, without the awesome layout and stuffs.)

The only downside is the fact that the feed is delivered the next day, as mentioned. If I were to post some hot news, it’d be lukewarm by the time you get to hear about it. However, for those of you who are interested in my PHP/Security posts, having them in your inbox would be a nifty way to archive them without having to search through my archives or actually visit my website (not that I’m recommending you stop visiting!)

So there you have it — what are you waiting for? Subscribe by e-mail for your viewing pleasure :)

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