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I went to work this morning in my jeans and a t-shirt (as is the norm) — came home at lunch to get changed into something a little smarter for a meeting, and then changed back into my jeans this evening. Some might say that this is a little obsessive and that I could have saved myself time by simply putting on my formal trousers this morning. They might be right, but where’d the fun be in that?

I can’t be the only girl in the world that would rather lounge in a pair of tatty jeans and a geeky t-shirt, than dress up just for the sake of it… can I?

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  1. Amber said:

    I love your geeky t-shirts, personally. I was convincing my friend the other day that buying the “ftw” one would be perfect for me. She agreed but stopped me when I wanted to buy one that said, “Tom is not my friend”. Apparently she says, “only geeky myspacers would find it funny”. I like your theory, but I would have probably brought the second outfit with me to work.

  2. Jem said:

    @Amber: I can walk out of my office, 10 steps forward, and I’m at home so taking the second outfit in would have been more hassle really :3

  3. Jordan said:

    If I could get a job that allowed me to wear jeans, t-shirt and my trusty zip-up hoodie, I would be in love… Considering that my daily wear is just jeans+tshirt. Though I don’t mind working with a dress code that consists of a work polo and khakis. I find that much more comfortable than business casual wear.

  4. Annie said:

    Personally I wear whatever that day requires but I can see your point. Must be handy living near your work place.

  5. Julianne said:

    I love being dressed up! I wear dresses or skirts whenever practical — I find them far more flattering and more comfortable than jeans and t-shirts. To each her own, though.

  6. Kimmie said:

    I LOVE work during the summer. I almost never dress up at school, but I dress up every day for work. You know, I really do feel better about myself when I look pretty.

  7. Mumblies said:

    It makes perfect sense to me Jem, why wear your best clothes and risk spoiling them when there is no need? Far better to save them for the important meetings and spend the rest of the time wearing comfortable gear. Luckily your boss allows you to wear jeans, so many have to work in either uniform or some other kind of formal workwear. Besides, you look nice in jeans.

  8. Bubs said:

    I NEVER dress up unless I am going out at night or with my parents (my mom is anal ha) I don’t wear makeup, either, unless absolutely necessary! I’m happiest in a ragged tshirt and oversized sweatpants (which I am wearing right now!)

  9. Sarah said:

    I do like to dress up smart, I have always like dressing up. However, since being unemployed my typical style has been a t-shirt and joggers. :D

  10. Chien Yee said:

    Jeans are really fun to wear, but now I prefer my pajamas. I only dress-up during family functions because my relatives think I’ve no fashion sense. Your T-Shirts are really cool :) I really like the one with =P

  11. Kelly said:

    Nope – I’m the same. Jeans for me ALL the way. Baggy ones… none of this “emo” skinny-fit nonsense… I like ’em kinda flary, I suppose. :) Jeans with my trainers, or my New Rocks (mosher boots). :D

  12. Gricel said:

    I only wear formal clothes when all my other stuff is in the wash. Which is rare, I have enough tees to keep me clothed for many washless months!

  13. Ashley said:

    Oh man I wish I didn’t have a dress code at work. It was more relaxed at the beginning of the year than it is now. I mean, I understand teachers need to look presentable and not be wearing sweat pants and raggedy t-shirts with holes in them and stuff. It’s possible to look really nice in a good pair of jeans though. We can only wear jeans on Fridays. Now, in my situation, I often have to crawn under dusty tables and deal with dirty computer parts and cables, etc. when working on tech. requests. I so do not want to be crawling around in black dress pants and get dirt all over me. :P

  14. Claire said:

    You’re not alone in your love of casual wear – I LIVE in my PJs, unless I have to leave the house of course…. Well, actually, that’s not strictly true – I’ve been to McDonalds and my Car Dealers in my jarmies before now! XD I don’t even own formal clothes – every time someone dies, I have to squeeze my arse into one of my sister’s size 8 trouser suits :/

  15. Melissa said:

    Nope you aren’t, I’d rather wear comfy clothes, too. Really, I hate dressing up, so I hear you. :P I’m much better in jeans, a t-shirt and an over sized sweatshirt. It’s just too comfy! I do better work that way!

  16. Brenda said:

    – Slaps a high five with Jem. Finally, someone who shares the same sentiments as me when it comes to clothing. My wardrobe is full of tees with slogans of all sorts.