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Online-Related News

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I haven’t got anything remotely interesting personal-wise to update with so I’ll just occupy you with details of what’s going on with me online at the moment.

Firstly, I celebrated my 3rd ‘anniversary’ of being in the quilting bee on Saturday, and at the same time announced that the club is now mine! *evil cackle* Well, more specifically, I’ve taken over as Queen so that Kimberly can spend more time with her kiddies. I have Charlotte co-Queening/doing the pixeling for me because I can’t draw…

tutorialtastic got a little update to its layout late last week — a new header, new background and a few colour adjustments. It looks like it has changed loads, but it really hasn’t. There’s some new tutorials and they’re all linked via the External Updates section of the sidebar. Lastly, there’s a new affiliate: Total Tutorial, a tutorial listing site.

I managed to get rid of the spam completely from my guestblock by implementing something very similar to the new BellaBook Spam Protection tutorial (which isn’t foolproof, I might add, but works a treat).

That’s about it, for now..

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