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Stung by Nettles

So, I’m out in the garden testing the groovy and very expensive looking camera tripod that my Grandad gave to me when Karl and I went down there to fix his computer. Pretending to be an expert at these things, I got it all lined…

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BellaBook Themes

Look: Please notice two things about this url. Firstly, the .com domain extension. OMG THE DNS HAS PROPAGATED. Excuse me *cough*. Second, the extension of #bellabook, taking you to a key section of my themes page that now features freebie BellaBook guestbook themes (skins).…

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It Has Been Done

I’ve gone ahead and ordered through (the same people who do all of my other domains). Eeeh, how exciting! I am justifying this purchase by not renewing Review-You, as discussed earlier in the year. I can afford to do so, I just don’t…

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There’s a new review up, of Chances are you won’t have heard of it — it’s not part of the personal web “scene”. It’s a tutorial site with rather pants PHP tutorials (in particular), which is why I decided to review it.. The first…

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Online-Related News

I haven’t got anything remotely interesting personal-wise to update with so I’ll just occupy you with details of what’s going on with me online at the moment. Firstly, I celebrated my 3rd ‘anniversary’ of being in the quilting bee on Saturday, and at the same…

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New month, new look

I decided not to take part in the CSS Reboot this year because I figured I a) wouldn’t have the inspiration and b) wouldn’t have the time to get a new layout up. I also figured I’d still be able to entertain myself playing with…

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Off On Holiday

PLEASE NOTE If you found this entry by way of a ‘dofollow’ link list, please leave now. I do not approve comments from people looking for freebie link backs, and all links to URLs left by people I don’t know are automatically nofollowed. You’re wasting…

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Odds and Ends

I’ve added a new stylesheet for large resolution users (recommended for 1280×1024 and above). It’s the same theme, it just features larger text and a larger content area. If for some reason you click that link and didn’t mean to you can reset your theme…

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