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Switching Domain Registrars

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If the site goes down at some point over the next few days, it’s because I’m switching registrars to The domain is coming up for renewal in April, and these guys are cheaper than the people my Aunt kept renewing it with. They also deal with tutorialtastic and Review-You so it’ll just be plain easier to keep them all in the same place.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

8 comments so far

  1. Catherine said:

    Will this affect your skins? Because every time I try changing a skin it changes to a garish yellow one whether or not I click yellow, blue, red, brown-y or whatever! It’s cool if this is part of the site being down but incase it’s not I just wanted to let you know if you didn’t already. :)

  2. kachii said:

    Woah, haven’t commented in aaaages :D I’m still alive :P I might have to register at some point (I already have .net, .com and .be so why not :P)

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