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 |  Misc, Updates

Odds and Ends

I’ve added a new stylesheet for large resolution users (recommended for 1280×1024 and above). It’s the same theme, it just features larger text and a larger content area. If for some reason you click that link and didn’t mean to you can reset your theme…

 |  Updates

New Stylesheet

It’s quite amusing, really, that my code has come to the point where I can simply say “new stylesheet” instead of “new layout”.. ’cause in the end it means the same thing. Anyway, I got bored of the dull colours in my last layout and…

 |  Updates

Folders, Accessibility and New Content

As promised, is being updated.. and, well, here it is. It’s not 100% finished and you’ll probably find broken images here, there and everywhere, but consider it a work in progress. New accessibility stuff has been added (or added back) — including tabindex attributes…

 |  Updates

Changes Are Afoot!

If you read my entry the other day you’ll probably remember that I’m making some changes to the site. This entry is just to give you a bit more detail on some of the bigger changes which’ll give you chance to leave feedback that I…

 |  PHP, Updates

PHP Classes

To celebrate the success of writing my very own, first ever PHP class I’ve been re-writing the backend of the site. It probably means nothing to you guys, but basically means things should be a bit quicker, a little more “optimised”. I’ve also decided to…

 |  Updates

Pointless Update

For those of you who don’t usually check my other sites.. there’s several new tutorials at and a new review at Review-You. And no, I’ve still not decided what to do with RY.

 |  Updates

Site Updates

I’ve been doing a few updates to coding around the site whilst working on tutorialtastic for tomorrow, and that includes enabling comments on my reviews — it’s just the web ones at the moment but will extend to the book and game reviews. I’ve also…

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