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New Stylesheet

It’s quite amusing, really, that my code has come to the point where I can simply say “new stylesheet” instead of “new layout”.. ’cause in the end it means the same thing. Anyway, I got bored of the dull colours in my last layout and…

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Folders, Accessibility and New Content

As promised, is being updated.. and, well, here it is. It’s not 100% finished and you’ll probably find broken images here, there and everywhere, but consider it a work in progress. New accessibility stuff has been added (or added back) — including tabindex attributes…

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Changes Are Afoot!

If you read my entry the other day you’ll probably remember that I’m making some changes to the site. This entry is just to give you a bit more detail on some of the bigger changes which’ll give you chance to leave feedback that I…

 |  PHP, Updates

PHP Classes

To celebrate the success of writing my very own, first ever PHP class I’ve been re-writing the backend of the site. It probably means nothing to you guys, but basically means things should be a bit quicker, a little more “optimised”. I’ve also decided to…

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Pointless Update

For those of you who don’t usually check my other sites.. there’s several new tutorials at and a new review at Review-You. And no, I’ve still not decided what to do with RY.

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Site Updates

I’ve been doing a few updates to coding around the site whilst working on tutorialtastic for tomorrow, and that includes enabling comments on my reviews — it’s just the web ones at the moment but will extend to the book and game reviews. I’ve also…

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Switching Domain Registrars

If the site goes down at some point over the next few days, it’s because I’m switching registrars to The domain is coming up for renewal in April, and these guys are cheaper than the people my Aunt kept renewing it with. They also…

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