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So, as you see, December 1st brings some new layouts and a few updates to some older pages. For the most part the new themes are based on what was voted the favourite out of my old ones. They are all fluid and have fully resizable text; some other new accessibility features will be implemented soon. Some of the pages have “dodgy” headers: h2 instead of h1, and so on. Bleagh! This will be fixed soon.

Opinions on my bringing back of the old themes?

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26 comments so far

  1. Katy said:

    woah, different-ness! Is it meant to just be white when you first load it though? I had to select a theme to actually get images etc. Quite liked the blankness though actually, hehe.

  2. Jem said:

    Well that’s odd. In Firefox and Internet Explorer, if you’ve not loaded one of the new themes already you don’t get any colour until you refresh/pick a theme.. yet in K-Meleon and Opera it loads the default blue theme.

  3. Meggan said:

    Yay! I love it! I’m using the blue cloud theme. When I first visited, it was white with blue links (like what happened to Katy), but as soon as I clicked a theme square, everything was fixed. Loving the clouds though.

  4. Frosty said:

    Always nice to remember and return to your roots, and webdesign’s no exception. Hopefully the beginning themelessness can be remedied soon, but anyways… Loving the themes!

  5. Elea said:

    I was very confused when I first arrived at the site and it was just white with plain blue links. Then I saw Katy’s comment, heh. I like how you have different coloured themes, but I think it might be better if you also had different images for each one, so that the one theme with the sunset photograph doesn’t seem so out of place.

  6. Vera said:

    Same as Elea, I didn’t get why it was plain white. I like these style’s better than the previous ones, though. The one with red and dark background with cicles was interesting, but much too crowded for me. These rock :-) So no complaints, and don’t bring back the previous themes ! :D

  7. Chrissy said:

    I like the new themes… but I think it would look better if you had a sidebar… and the theme changer listed there. My eyes constantly draw up to the little boxes in the corner, and it’s kind of distracting. But I love all of the colors! And the clooouds! And the sunset! I love them all. :D

  8. Aneesah said:

    I agree that the boxes floating up there would be more suited in your bottom-bar. I like the simplicity of these themes, idiot-proof, really. I liked the cloudy sky layout, and now I’ve paid the Previous Layouts page a visit, the yellow-brown flower layout (the bad luck one) looks nice as well. I now need to check my file’s permissions. =/

  9. Romy said:

    Ooh, click-quick theme switching! Lovely. I like that you have the three cloud themes in different colors; it creates a memorable theme without seeming redundant. And I have to say that I like the sidebar content being at the bottom of the page instead; content-heavy footers are very ‘in’ right now. Excellent job! :)

  10. Malin said:

    Hm, for me it’s just white too when I enter the site. No background, and the links has that awful standard shade of blue, lol ;). But I actually liked the redish/white layout you had before better. My fav among these are the brownish/red theme.

  11. Tiffany said:

    Same for me; when I enter everything is white. Not sure if it’s supposed to be like that. Whee I like this… it reminds me of the first time I ever saw your site. *nostalgic*

  12. Kathleen said:

    When I entered the website, everything is white, but I clicked on the theme with the sunset header and now it’s sticking. I love the new designs, they are wonderful.

  13. Modi said:

    The chocolate theme is fappingly good. And I don’t know why I’m referring to it as Chocolate as opposed to brown. Perhaps squidfingers should know how well you’ve edited their pattern.

  14. Jen said:

    I particularly love the blue, cloudy theme. Reminds me of over a year ago when that was the second layout of your’s I ever stumbled across on the main site. That said, I also particularly loved the circles/bubbly one you had for the reboot last month.

  15. Brenda said:

    I am deeply in love with the brown theme with the evening sunset. :P And I noticed something nifty. When I go to View > Page style in firefox, all your styles are there and I can easily switch them with ease right from my browser panel! :P

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