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Switching Domain Registrars

If the site goes down at some point over the next few days, it’s because I’m switching registrars to The domain is coming up for renewal in April, and these guys are cheaper than the people my Aunt kept renewing it with. They also…

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Just Updates

Just a list of updates, for those who don’t check every single one of my pages every single day, you lazy gits.. In keeping with my new addiction, I’ve added my findings so far on Harvest Moon. First, a price list showing what Van will…

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New Theme, Smilies

As most of you have already noticed, there’s a new fluid Yellow theme as well as three sets of smilies in my other stuff section including instructions for WordPress and BellaBook3.1. Now it’s time to go back to bed I think. *snore* My e-mail problem…

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New Default Theme

There’s a new default theme. If things are looking a little bit screwy, do a hard refresh (CTRL & F5) to sort it out. The cloud style themes (and others of the same size/style) have been temporarily removed because I’ve got to do a bit…

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E-mail Replies

If you’ve sent me an e-mail recently (asking questions, tutorial requests, etc), chances are very high I won’t reply until after Christmas (possibly New Year) now. The same goes for posting on forums, qbee patch trades, etc. Although I’ve managed to finish my Christmas shopping…

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Web Page Updates

Review-You now has its own RSS Feed which, if you like to read web page reviews, you can add to your Firefox Bookmarks and see ‘live’ when new reviews are added. So, that’s um.. just me adding it to my feed reader then? ;) (Vix:…

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New Stuff

So, as you see, December 1st brings some new layouts and a few updates to some older pages. For the most part the new themes are based on what was voted the favourite out of my old ones. They are all fluid and have fully…

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Style Switcher

I’ve implemented the A List Apart style switcher after much debating on the benefit of themes. I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re a good idea. There’s a new one, which I knocked together in a few minutes and haven’t really tested yet (so bear…

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