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Visitor Survey

If you’ve got a spare 40 seconds or so, I would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions! Firstly, go take a peek at my past layouts page. Out of those featured (because not all of my previous layouts are there) and this…

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Reboot Continued

With all the things that went wrong with the reboot design, it’s a laugh a minute over here I tell you. Firstly, I password protected the site an hour or so before I rebooted on October 31st to allow myself time to get the layout…

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Jemjabella Rebooted

For those of you who haven’t seen the hints and little graphical images splattered all over my entries recently: I decided to take part in the CSS Reboot Fall 2005. I’ve actually been designing with CSS and standards in mind for about a year now,…

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I was fiddling with WordPress on here yesterday and it automatically stuck the redirect/permalink structure doodaa stuff into my .htaccess file (as it does) and umm.. broke something — thus the errors yesterday. Having to type one-handed because I went sshopping yesterday and have pulled…

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CSS Reboot

I’ve decided to take part in the Autumn CSS Reboot — I was going to do it in May but didn’t really get chance. Anyway, I’m taking it one step further: not just rebooting my CSS but rebooting everything. I’m shifting back to WordPress. Sort…

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Internet-y Stuff

Thank you for the compliments on the slightly edited version of the layout. There’s a few bugs I need to fix (as you can see, I changed the font) but I’m waiting for my ‘owed’ reviews first so I can do everything at once and…

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Another Revamp

I’ve decided to give another revamp. I know, I know, another one. It’s not going to be a major change to the layout or coding, but I want to improve the quality of what I’ve already got. I’m going to turn some of my…

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All Fixed

All should be fixed now, including the domain names. Those ‘working’ at Review-You should be able to log into the admin section again. Subdirectories and subdomains are also okay. Super flipping duper! Let’s hope these few minor issues today are worth it in the end.

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Server Issues

Site5 have decided that the server load on the old server was too high (seemed perfectly fast to me, but heyho) and they’ve migrated a load of accounts to a new server. Although by their own claims this is “transparent to you and your visitors”…

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