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Thank you for the compliments on the slightly edited version of the layout. There’s a few bugs I need to fix (as you can see, I changed the font) but I’m waiting for my ‘owed’ reviews first so I can do everything at once and not miss anything. If you get bored, feel free to review me

My e-tracker thing is pissing me off. The code that they give you isn’t valid, so I fix it: it breaks the tracker. I thought, super, I’ll sign up at StatCounter instead — it keeps timing out on me. I know that I get logs and such via my host but they’re not as accurate and other people can’t see them. Saying that, people can’t see my combined hits for all of my sites which is what I should actually be showing off, heh.

I’m redoing the back-end to my weblog. Not that any of you care because you can’t see it anyway. I might perhaps release screenshots just for shits and giggles though.

Oh, and was sold for over $4,500. Assuming the person who put the second last to bid on it still wants it (the last bidder dropped out.) Having never used e-Bay I’m not exactly sure how that works though.. Anxiously awaiting the news on what happens to it. I hope the admin is prepared to put time in and get some of the old regulars back.

I, or rather, Review-You got a review. For the most part it was interesting and raised some potential “improvement” points, but there’s a few things I disagree with. Will get that up with my comments when I finish overhauling the domain section of this site — trying to combine stuff and get rid of superfluous crap that no one reads.

Ahh, that is all.

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