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Visitor Survey

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If you’ve got a spare 40 seconds or so, I would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions!

Firstly, go take a peek at my past layouts page. Out of those featured (because not all of my previous layouts are there) and this one, which is your favourite? And if you remember a layout that isn’t on that page that you prefer — describe it.

Next, what is your favourite part of the website? Do you read the weblog regularly or are you amused by my pretentious rambling (also know as scribblings)? Something else that I’ve before but got rid of, maybe?

What feature would you like to see at the website? Next/previous entry links perhaps, or a search box? Bringing back past entries from my old wordpress weblog? Something new in terms of content perhaps?

All questions are of course not compulsory, feel free to answer just one or two, or all of them (or none at all, if you’re lazy!) Meanwhile, I’m going to work on my sidebar because it’s irritating me, and add a few new blocks

Edit: Opinions on the following please (three columns will be on the front page only):

new front page

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26 comments so far

  1. Rosemarie said:

    hhmmm I liked the cloudy skies layout of Oct 2004 (I think that’s the layout I saw when I first met your site. Maybe.) I just like reading the blog :P Sometimes I click around, but mostly I stick to the blog search boxes are always nice. I’ve never been bothered by your lack of one, but once in a blue moon, I am known to want to find an old entry or whathaveyou. =D and yeah, as long as apirlaat stays alive and non deletive of my files, I’ll stick around there :P

  2. Anne said:

    I liked the last pastel rainbow layout you did…it was clean, comforting, simple, and easy on the eyes. My favorite part of your website is your blog…I have it on my Yahoo front page via RSS, and I check it daily. I like your Scribbling section, too…it has a lot of good “reads” for your visitors. I can’t really think of anything I want to see except maybe a search box (although I hardly ever use them!). Kudos on a great site!

  3. Stephanie said:

    I liked previous layout number nine. I think it had a certain style that is hard to capture in webdesign. It was effective yet fun and stylish. Your blog entries are my favorite part of the site. I would prefer more updates, of course, but people have lives and I am not one to speak ;) Other than the blog, I love your personal content. I’d like for you to add more scribblings soon – I like to read your opinions. Also, maybe more essays on web stuff as far as standards and accessability go. You’ve taken a lot of time to research those topics and I think you could help those of us who don’t exactly know where to start. I don’t like the way you have your recent entries and site updates set up… it kinda confuses me. But it’s no big deal, so don’t change it if you don’t want to. By the way, in IE, if I hover over a link the text, for some reason, moves to the left a few pixels, sometimes moving a line of text up. I don’t know what that could be, but perhaps you could look into it…

  4. Jem said:

    “I don’t like the way you have your recent entries and site updates set up… it kinda confuses me. But it’s no big deal, so don’t change it if you don’t want to.” ^ Actually, you’re not the first person to say it. Even Karl had a minor moment of confusion which resulted in a quick change of wording over the weekend. I am working on it, offline. I know about the IE bugs, and will fix them as soon as I can :)

  5. Tiddley said:

    I love all of your layouts, you know I do. :P Not soo keen on the cloudy ones though, but all the rest rock. My favourites are probably the bright rainbow one and the yellowy August 2004 one. :) I always loved reading your scribblings + weblog entries of course, and there’s tonnes of stuff that’s not there anymore that I miss. ‘Cept I can’t actually remember for the life of me what it is, so that’s not actually really helpful. xD

  6. webjones said:

    I like the October 2004 and July 2005 layouts. But I like the current one equally as well. I’ve not been visiting enough to have a favorite part yet. The Guestblock is nicely done. Perhps add some beer blocks. Unless you find beer objectionable, of course.

  7. Ally said:

    I loved the one made in March 2005 (the rainbow/greyscale one) that you previously had up. Although, I have to say, I really like this one, too. I like the scribblings section, and I actually like the way the front is set up with blog entries/site updates. Though, I’ll wait to see what you’re tweaking in those regards before I say what’s better.

  8. gloomy said:

    I’m still hoping for people to fill out MY guest survey ^^ It’s pretty long though Favorite Past Layout July 2004 I read the weblog mostly ^^ New features: DVD and Booklists are always nice to read, as well as Favorites lists ^^

  9. Jen said:

    I like the one from October 2004, as well as the one you had previously the best. Ah, and I also like the tomato/red/orange one you had when I first stumbled across your site. My favorite part of the website would be the weblog, next would be scribblings What else? Hrrm, not sure about that. Aside from that, your altered sidebar headers caught my eye. I don’t know, they’re distracting from the left side of the text I think due to their boldness.

  10. Super Martha said:

    I like the August 2004 layout. I also remember really liking that one green one that’s not on the past layout page; I think it was called ‘Lemongrass’. I enjoy reading your weblog, and the ‘Scribblings’ section (I’d like to see more of that). And the personal section. Just about everything, actually. I can’t think of any feature I’d like to see added. I don’t really like the way your blog is currently set up with just three lines from each entry; I’d rather the whole entry be posted on the page.

  11. Tiffany said:

    I like October 2004; it was very refreshing and clean and uncluttered and exactly the sort of thing I like to look at. I come here to read your entries, because they’re easy to read through, if not always impossibly fascinating. If I want fascinating and unrealistically difficult to understand, all I need to do is pick up a book like John Keats: His Mind and His Work.

  12. Manon said:

    my 2 cents… my favorite layout is the one dated March 05. I do have a fondness for this latest one. I really like the grey bubbles in the back background. As for content, I do come mainly for your blog and have read through a lot of your tutorials, but I think my favorite part IS your scribblings because there just aren’t enough honest people out there and I find it interesting to see what people do think and believe in.

  13. Jessica said:

    The Oct 2004 layout was my favorite of those listed I must say. My favorite part about your CURRENT layout though is… well, the background! Hehe. I don’t know, this current one, I LIKE it, but the color combos are a bit.. odd (namely, the blue footer) and it reminds me of a template you’d find at a blogging site. Don’t hate me. :( My favorite part of the site though are the blogs. I love reading, eventhough I may not comment on every one, I do read! :)

  14. Franky said:

    I liked the one dated on October 2004, because of how simple yet visually well done it was. I’ll be honest. I haven’t been to your blog up until now. Eh. Maybe I’ll pop by more often, no? (And that three column thing. I like it.)

  15. Jess said:

    I like both the March 2004 & August 2004 layouts, but maybe the August one a bit more. I like the scribblings best. And the unrequested reviews. You should write more of them when to get the time, I think. XD As for a new feature, I’m not sure exactly. “More scribblings/unrequested reviews” doesn’t count, of course, so… hm. No idea. As for the three-column design, I like it. Less clicking to read the entirety of a new entry and all. Yay.

  16. Amanda said:

    March 2005 (but the altered version of October 2005) has probably been my favourite layout so far. The muted pastel colours were absolutely beautiful. I’m a regular weblog visitor, and have read all your scribblings…but wouldn’t necessarily go back to them. The weblog is the main draw right now, but I would love to see more scribblings/reviews. ESPECIALLY unrequested website reviews, which are fantastic for a laugh. Oh, and redoing what you used to have in the sidebar with the “Most recent entries” would be fantastic too. Sometimes I get web-deprived and miss an entry. :P As for the three column design, I can’t help but feel that it looks…crowded, especially since they don’t really seem to be “separated” in any discernible way.

  17. Amanda said:

    And by most recent entries, I meant other than on the index page. :P Like, I’m in your most recent entry now, but if I want to go to your last entry, I’ll have to go to your index page, then to the latest entry. Thats why latest entried on sidebar = good. (Or you know, previous – next links.) Ignore me. I think I’m babbling.

  18. Gemma said:

    I’ve kept a fondness for the October 2004 design, which was the first I saw. I came across Jemjabella, coincidentally, a short while before we ‘met’ through, and remember being very impressed with the site’s elegant simplicity. Not that your other layouts don’t express the same qualities! Of the designs that aren’t under Past Layouts, I greatly liked Lemongrass. As well as the blog and articles, I find myself using your Links page a lot – it brings together a lot of interesting weblogs without my having to take the trouble to list them myself, heh. I generally enjoy reading anything Web design-related, whether it’s a blog entry, article or site review.

  19. Jordie said:

    I like your weblog the best. I used to think that it was the stable content in a website that was the most important, but with weblogs, there’s always new stuff coming in. I like that. I like it when you write about web-related stuff, since it’s something we can all comment on and take part in. :)

  20. Carly W said:

    I like the rainbowy one, and another I remember is a yellow one with a road sign at the top. I pretty much love them all from August 2004 onwards! I enjoy reading your rants, your entries and watching your sites general development! I particularly like your hmmmm, (slightly critical? I guess?) style towards people who call themselves webdesigners etc. I’m not too keen on the three column thing… :-)

  21. Katy said:

    I like the three columns. I would suggest putting the excerpts of a couple of previous blog entries under the full length current one though

  22. kachii said:

    I think I quite liked the pastel rainbow layout also. I don’t think there’s anything I like best about the site, but I do like your writing style. I don’t think there’s anything I paricularly want to see. Oh, and this sidebar is a little screwy in IE (appears below the comment box – just noticed, I’m on college computers) About the three columns, I think it would look better if the main blog entry was in the centre.

  23. Kestra said:

    My favourite past layouts were numbers 6 and 8, especially number 8. It was original and simple, and used the colour grey to full advantage, something I haven’t seen repeated on any other website. My favourite part of the website is the site name and the ‘Scribblings’ section. I can’t wait to read the ‘Chav Culture’ one… ^-_-^ I would like to see past blogs from your previous Jemjabella versions. And the three column idea works well. I’d use it. Less clicking :)

  24. C Montoya said:

    I like the new frontpage. Much more effective. My favorite part of the website is the blog, and yes, this is my favorite layout. Maybe a good extra feature would be pictures? I don’t know if you are much of a photographer but I always like to see pictures.

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