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New Default Theme

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There’s a new default theme. If things are looking a little bit screwy, do a hard refresh (CTRL & F5) to sort it out. The cloud style themes (and others of the same size/style) have been temporarily removed because I’ve got to do a bit of fiddling with the stylesheets. They’ll be back very shortly.

Working on the success of BellaBook3.1 so far, I have been thinking about possibilities for other scripts. I don’t want to take on anything too hectic right now, I’ve got a job to find, but something simple like BellaBoffins came to mind — a flat file based fanlisting script. Other suggestions are welcome. If you’re going to suggest something, come up with a name that sticks with the whole BellaB—- pattern, please. :)

I cannot believe I’ve still got this cough/snot. Bleagh.

Edit: I completely forgot to mention that I revised my article on copyright protection yesterday. This one is not as in-your-face and also has the benefits of being more factual and.. well, good.

Oh, and my e-mail is being a complete and utter turd. I am not receiving any comment notifications for here or LJ, I sent myself a test message and it hasn’t arrived and it’s just being generally slow. So, if you’ve sent me a mail today that I don’t reply to by the end of the week, poke me.. then I’ll just tell you if I’m ignoring you or not.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

30 comments so far

  1. Carina said:

    I love the new default theme. You’re the best I know at making simplicity gorgeous. Scripts- how about your blog script? I’m sure a lot of people would like it. You could name it BellaBlog :). If you’re still clueless, you could try making a gallery script (Let’s face it, Coppermine and 4images aren’t that great). But gallery scripts are a bit overwhelming, so that may not be the way to go.

  2. Jem said:

    I’ve already discussed BellaBlog with a few people, but if I were to go for something like that it’d be a long term project because the kind of functionality needed is huge. I’m thinking simple right now.

  3. Vera said:

    I’m sorry you’re still sick, but I can relate to that. Whenever I get sick… I remain sick for at least a week (or two). Scripts? Well I’ve been trying to come up with an ask&answer one (using php) for my site (yeah, I know they’re stupid but I like answering questions). Anyway, I can’t even get it to mail it… it gives me weird errors of mispaced strings and stuff -.- ok, so my php skills are not that great (tending towards zero – but how hard can it be compared to C/++?). So maybe that’ll be easier. Also making sure that people actually ask a question: peresnce of question mark, and sentence starting with wh, do, have, etc. other similar words? Is it too difficult?

  4. Vera said:

    P.S. sorry forgot this: I like the new layout, but don’t get the darker grey stripe in the middle. Why is it ‘smaller’ then the layout? I thought it was something to do with the stylesheets not being refreshed…

  5. Jem said:

    Wow. I can’t believe everyone likes the red one. I wasn’t going to upload it at first, I think it sucks. :p I prefer the blue one!

  6. valerie said:

    Happy belated birthday :) Good luck with the scripts. I’ve got one silly little WordPress plugin, I want to make it into a more developed thing with an options page in the admin system and stuff. Guess I’ve got to read up on all this stuff. Too bad I really don’t have the time for anything lately. :\

  7. Jess said:

    I like the new themes as well. (Better than the last set, I think. Ha.) But I didn’t like the red so much. Green was my favourite. Flowers are cool.

  8. Carly said:

    Oh it’s a lovely new layout. The only thing is I think it’s a little big for my screen (800 x 600) but that’s ok as I can swap to a better suited one when skins are back up.

  9. Aneesah said:

    I like these themes, especially the Blue one. (I happen to like my blue version of my theme, too. Blue’s good.) Is it the only one with the pattern in the sidebar background? Hmm, anyway … scripts… Nothing crosses my mind right now, but I’ll let you know if I can think something up. (Or, I could open a dictionary and find all the B-words and _then_ figure out a script to go with the name. =D ) Ah, your link colour (for the blue version anyway) might need to be a bit more different than the regular text, for my poor eyes, at least. ^^; My nostrils really had snot problems yesterday, up to last night (I couldn’t breathe, meaning I couldn’t sleep, meaning I woke up at 11 am today), I hate being sick. And I hate medicine too, which goes well, really.

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