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New Theme, Smilies

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As most of you have already noticed, there’s a new fluid Yellow theme as well as three sets of smilies in my other stuff section including instructions for WordPress and BellaBook3.1. Now it’s time to go back to bed I think. *snore*

My e-mail problem was fixed in the end. To quote Site5: “we had load issue on this server and our mail queue was full.” This does mean the mail queue was cleared and I lost any mail that was sent to me. If you sent me a mail during the middle of the week I won’t have received it, so send it again.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

16 comments so far

  1. Carly said:

    Theme theme yellow! yay! Just incase you didn’t see my note on your last post, I made some buttons:[…] you can view them all there. BUT the only thing is, I noticed they are a little on the dull side (in colour) so I think I might make some prettier ones if I get bored. Unless you all ready think you have enough. When my site is up and working (i can view it through the i.p. but not domain – i guess its propogating still) I’ll be downloading/using bellabook myself!

  2. Jem said:

    Carly: I saw the link, just hadn’t got ’round to thanking you yet :) You are the only one who has made any, so feel free to make more. Btw.. I can see your site (or rather, empty folders) and have been able to since last night. I told you – it caches it like a bitch! ;)

  3. Amelie said:

    Carly: I can see your site, don’t know if you solved the problem or whatever, but just thought I’d chip in… Jem: Wooah, new theme is rather… um, bright… for my liking. Think I’ll stick with the blue XP By the way, did you write the styleswitcher? Mind sharing…..? I’m using the old domesticat one (heavily modified) and kind of want to change but anything I write looks similar to hers. ¬_¬ Suckiness.

  4. Elea said:

    I like your blue and red themes best, but for a yellow theme, the new one certainly isn’t bad at all. ;p I guess I’m lucky because if my e-mail went down for a couple days, chances are that nobody would have sent me anything relevant in that time period, heh. The most mail I’m getting these days is spam.

  5. Lynn said:

    I love these themes…in IE, they mess up a bit, but I’m sure you know. I haven’t sent you an email recently but I might, just because. =D

  6. Vera said:

    Oh wow, very nice banner, but I’m not too fond of this bright background (I guess I prefer the default theme). By the way, is there a tutorial on how to make fluid layouts? I’d like to try my hand at one, but don’t really know where to start.

  7. Emily said:

    I love the sidebar, but the background is really bright, yo. Although, like other bright layouts I only actually notice the in-your-face brightness at night, which it currently is. I don’t know if you can stop most darker shades of yellow from being too bright though. Plus if you do, they normally look pukey. Anyway, before I start rambling on about all the different hues of yellow, let me say that I absolutely love this layout. The brightness is worth it!

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