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Folders, Accessibility and New Content

 |  Updates

As promised, is being updated.. and, well, here it is. It’s not 100% finished and you’ll probably find broken images here, there and everywhere, but consider it a work in progress.

New accessibility stuff has been added (or added back) — including tabindex attributes in the top navigation that makes the tab-through order more logical, sufficiently contrasting text, descriptive title attributes. There’s possibly more that I’ve forgotten about too…

For those of you too lazy to go looking for new additions, I’ll list here what I’ve added: Promoting Your Website article (as featured on, Chavs opinion piece, a review of (unrequested, of course — read it, it’s good), a new site survey page (which isn’t finished, so don’t fill it in :p fixed), network updates in the sidebar and a search box! Yay.

As mentioned, it’s a work in progress (nothing new there) so feel free to leave feedback if you think something could be better implemented but don’t be surprised if I’m already working on it (e.g. related links are going to be moved to the sidebar and will change for each section).

PS. Pants = knickers/slang for crap. Trousers are not knickers, and I didn’t intend to suggest they were, you silly people. Panties = what they say in porn.

Edit: apparently my choice of font was absolutely sucky (or pants, if you will), so I have replaced it with plain ol’ reliable Arial Verdana (I don’t like Arial). Let me know if you have any more issues.

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20 comments so far

  1. Claire said:

    Ooh, so now its all shiny and accessible? Great stuff!! And that fallen-rose review was most entertaining – I hope someone directs her to it so that she can atleast attempt to do the decent thing, in regards to her web efforts… ;)

  2. Meggan said:

    Can I request a different font? This one always looks “pants” on my computer for some reason. I still haven’t figured out why. I could send you a screenshot if you want. Other than that, I like the new stuff a lot.

  3. bliss said:

    As long as you’re fixing stuff, could you get breaks to show up in your RSS feed? It’s been bothering me for a while, but I never bothered mentioning it…

  4. Michelle said:

    I thought the Arial was appropriate, but a thumbs-up for Verdana too! I like the big fix at Jemjabella! I first read the Promoting your Website article at Dead-Teddybears and I liked Step 10. =P

  5. Stephanie said:

    Hrm. I don’t know. It feels too cluttered to me. Verdana is too… clunky?… for all of the info on the page, it seems. But it just might be me. Not like it sucks or anything ;) And panties is so totally a gross word. What the hell is the point in calling them that anyway?

  6. Heather said:

    I’ve spent the past hour surfing around here checking out all the new stuff ;) Way to suck me in and keep me from replying to the mountain of emails I have, Jem :P Just kidding, you know. I was working on a new Wordsearch to do called Internet… and I’ve been debating whether or not to include Jemjabella in the list. You know, because I’d already included words like, “coding” and, “standards”. When I think about those words, my mind jumps to you and this website immediately. I was even coding a new layout and thought to myself, “Would Jem approve?” You’ve corrupted me. Anyways, it’s nearly midnight – I just thought I’d drop in. ;)

  7. Aneesah said:

    “Pants”. I see. I like Arial, but not for websites. It’s not quite as readable on screen as it is on paper. I’ve been using Tahoma, Verdana, and Lucida Sans-something (although some visitors have problems with this font family) for my site. Tahoma’s my newest favourite. I guess “sufficiently contrasting text” means black or dark grey, huh? I was just thinking that your headers could stand out a bit more, especially in the sidebar where there are plenty sub-headers. The different font size and family doesn’t seem to be enough. I would suggest a different colour, but maybe just more margins around them would help. Just my two sen. (“Sen” is how we spell “cent”. xD)

  8. Louise said:

    I love your site. I really do. I want to BE… ok, perhaps not because that would be really silly. I’m feeling quite inspired. :)

  9. Tish said:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for you to publish another unrequested review, haha. It was well worth the wait :D Plus, I learned something: I need to underline my links. :P

  10. Aithnea said:

    It’s a lovely layout Jem. I liked the review, it is very insightful to read your reviews to learn what not to do. Keep up the great job that you are doing with this site.

  11. Shannon said:

    Heh. I’ve always liked this layout. I don’t know why, but the fact that the comments are in a lovely white box seems to make me love it more. And when I make layouts, I always think “Would Jem approve?” too, because of your… hmm… good taste? And coding expert opinions…? I don’t know… Gahh, there’s something else I needed to say, but–oh yes. I like Verdana too. I like Verdana and Tahoma best for just regular text. And sometimes the Lucida Sans something too. I forget, too. I’ve typed “too” too many times in this comment, haven’t I?

  12. Rach said:

    I do like the new design, it’s quite lovely. And, yay for new content! I’m going through and reading all of it right now, actually. :) There’s only one thing that’s bothering me, and the more I think about it the more I think it’s actually right and I’m just being overly stickler-ish. But on your “scribblings” page, one of the titles reads: “Personal Website Ad’s”. The apostrophe in “Ad’s” is bothering me, like it shouldn’t be there. Except that “Ad” is an abbreviation, which means it might be correct? I’m not sure, but I thought I’d point it out.

  13. Jen said:

    for someone her age i think its brilliant that she has her own website, don’t be out of order. She’s a kid man! I could never do what she does with codes, give her some credit!

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