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I came up with a new design.. only I can’t decide if I like it enough to make it the new default theme. I don’t think Karl likes it either, he pulled a funny face when I showed him. :P

In version 1 the header is full width and fixed (in Firefox, anyway) — when you scroll the header + navigation stay where they are:

preview 1

In version 2 the header is a part of the main container-y thing, and scrolls with the rest of the site.

preview 2

Both still feature the dull generic two-column look though. At some point I want to escape that and create something new and fresh looking. It’s quite hard though, when every so-called point of inspiration looks the same. Whitespace, blue + green, two columns and shadows. I want to see something new!

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  1. Tess said:

    I like the first one better, because the navagation is always in full view, so you don’t have to scroll up and down to get back to one place. That and I’ve always liked full-width headers. Cheerio.

  2. Jenny said:

    I think the first one would do better. I find layouts like that (when you scroll and a certain portion of the template doesn’t move, at all) fascinating. I’m weird like that. :P

  3. Shaun said:

    I like the second one better. The navigation at the top looks neater with it spread out in two lines and not so scrunched up in one. I also don’t know how much of a fan I’d be of the header being full width in the first one. I like how the header and content are even.

  4. Amber said:

    I prefer the second one and agree with Shaun’s comments. The header image not being the same size as the content looks a little bizarre. I like your choice of colours though and the textures used. Nice and simple, I know its generic… but I like them both whichever you choose!

  5. Jacqueline said:

    After much deciding (Acutally, I’m telling the truth..:/) I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the second one a tiny bit better. I love love LOVE the color for some reason.

  6. Shannon said:

    Hmm… I love it, but I have this hesitating feeling in my gut. As if… I love it. Errgh. Durn that hesitation. But… I think that number two looks very normal and pretty. And number one seems plain… but oh-so facinating. It’s a real wonder how I choose layouts for MY site, actually.

  7. Mariah said:

    oo I dont like full width, I do like no scroll! NON FULL WIDTH NON SCROLLY! Its the best of both worlds! Non scrollng makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

  8. Vera said:

    well I prefer the first option, but then I’d choose a full width layout as well. The current verion os a bit too ‘thin’, but the green-ness looks fine. I especially like the way you set up “jemjabella”

  9. Elea said:

    I think the second version should go up. I would’ve chosen the full width header layout (because I like the way the navigation is set up better in that one) were it not for the fact that the ‘jemjabella’ text would be a bit strangely aligned in it.

  10. Belinda said:

    I like the 2nd one better. I personally detest having a header that scrolls as I scroll, it makes it seem like there is less space on the screen. While it’s true that I would be only reading one line of text at a time anyway, I don’t like the claustrophobic feeling on my monitor. Besides, IMO the 2nd one, while it looks plainer, is much neater to look at. :D

  11. Frosty said:

    Casting my vote for the first one here… A fixed-position header/navigation thing is something that you don’t see too often in personal sites, and I think it’s a good idea, as Michelle said, because it ensures the navigation’s easy to find. :D Love the color scheme on both of them, though!

  12. Gemma said:

    I like it; it’s very fresh and spring-like. I prefer the second variation, personally (it can be nice to scroll a header off the screen to leave more reading space). I don’t think a two column layout is dull – it’s practical, readable and it works, hence its popularity :). I admire simple, elegant layouts and would much rather have something like that than a ‘designy’ site that fails Usability 101 (assuming that we’re dealing with extremes!).

  13. Sonya said:

    I don’t like the background; there are better patterns available. Also, what is going on with the shadowing- v. trendy. The “Ultimately better than you” just cements the impression. Your site is very welcoming… or at least, that’s what I’d like to say, but I can’t. My impression here? The visitors you get are loyal visitors, who have been visiting for a long time. New visitors might be a bit put off- I understand that most of it’s a piss-take and not to be taken seriously, but you might like to put some thought into what impression you are making on those who do not know you as well as others might.

  14. Jem said:

    I don’t know how many times I can say “I don’t give a shit” before you get the message. Although, if I did care what new visitors thought, you have chosen the wrong post to try and make an example of that: there are 6 comments on this post alone from people I don’t know and who have never commented before. I think perhaps visitor analysing would be best left to me. They are my visitors after all, eh.

  15. Sonya said:

    If you have a Web site, you want visitors. It’s that simple. I’m just saying, as a bit of constructive criticism, you might want to think about what impression you make. You say you don’t care; then why do you ask for visitor input? It may just be your site, but people do visit. But I can see we’re not going to agree. Maybe if I were as rude as you appear to be, I’d have heaps of visitors commenting too. But I don’t, and I’m not. We’re not going to agree. Just, for the love of all that is holy and good, please don’t ask for visitor opinions if you’ve really decided that they don’t count. Don’t waste our time.

  16. Jem said:

    I’m asking for an opinion between two layouts, not asking for advice on how to improve my “impression”.. which is what I quite frankly couldn’t care less about. You just said it yourself: you don’t get heaps of visitors. I DO. I get hundreds and hundreds of visitors a day. So why the hell are you giving me “advice” when it’s you that needs help? Really, you’re wasting *your* time.

  17. Shaun said:

    Sonya, I honestly don’t take this as a waste of my time. Jem asked for our opinion between two layouts, not the advice of how to get new visitors to the site. I also don’t think Jem has all her visitors from being ‘rude.’

  18. Brigitte said:

    The green border is a little wonky on my mac firefox, let me know if you want a screen shot. I like the color scheme and the Squidfingers, even the shadow because I just think they’re sassy, but I don’t like the “Jemjabella” font choice. Looks a little 40s Sci-Fi movie poster. Invasion of the Snarky Lady from Space! ;3