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New month, new look

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I decided not to take part in the CSS Reboot this year because I figured I a) wouldn’t have the inspiration and b) wouldn’t have the time to get a new layout up. I also figured I’d still be able to entertain myself playing with my rainbow navigation. However, when going over the photos from my holiday I couldn’t help myself. Bye bye rainbow!

The cheeky seagull that you can see on the sidebar — who kept trying to steal Karl’s chips — is perfect layout material (in my opinion, of course). Likewise, the gorgeous blue sky contrasts well the dark greys and I figured “hey, what the heck!” Let me know if you come across any bugs.

Edit: For those who have problems with the dark theme, I’ve added a lighter version. I don’t really like it as much, but there we go. :p

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32 comments so far

  1. Amelie said:

    How come you always have nice pictures to make layouts of? My photos come out looking like crap and I’ve only ever been able to use one. :\ You don’t link to me enough!11

  2. Jenny said:

    I quite like it! The bule with the seaull is very nice for May. The only thing is, I couldn’t find the style switcher (I previously picked the wider version of the rainbow theme) and I had to manually delete my old style cookie to see the new look.

  3. Jem said:

    Thanks for letting me know Jenny :) And there will be a new, wide version available shortly. (In case you were wondering.)

  4. Jamie said:

    I really like it. It’s very calming. I don’t normally go for light text on a dark background but you always make everything work.

  5. Rosemarie said:

    I like it, but I liked the rainbow one better :P Maybe change the colour of your code? it’s orange right now, but I find it really hard to read. Overall, though, I’d say: “Fantastic!” (as usual) And I had no idea it was reboot time again already. Wow.

  6. Stephanie said:

    I think it feels a little busy, my eyes keep trying to look at the seagull while I’m reading. It’s distracting. But, that’ll probably go away with a wider version considering my resolution is like.. huge. xP

  7. Jon said:

    Haha, I thought that said “What the hack.” I really, really like this new layout! The grey blocks and their positioning is amazing.

  8. Amanda said:

    I don’t know whether it’s the screen quality of the university computer I’m on right now or what, but I’m finding the light grey text kinda hard to read against the darker gray background. Love the seagull though. :)

  9. Kestra said:

    This strikes me as quite a different layout style for you. But that’s not to say I don’t approve =) The seagull picture is perfect, definately keep it, and the colours go well, no trouble reading the text. The best bit for me, though, is the background; the ‘strip’ of navy-bluey-can’t-think-of-the-proper-name that is aligned with the seagull picture. It really makes the layout, I think. I actually prefer this to the one you had up previously =D

  10. Elea said:

    Haven’t found any bugs, but I really adore the new look. Greys + blue = love. One of these years, I have to remember to make a note of the css Reboot and participate@

  11. Lynn said:

    Jem, this is GORGEOUS. I was just thinking about doing a dark grey color theme for a website of mine but you beat me to it. =)

  12. Jess said:

    Er, I love the new layout. Greys and blues are awesome. =) Also, I found an error–in the directories, the “contact” and “sitemap” links link to 404s.

  13. Vera said:

    I’m happy with whatever you have (well mostly) as long as I can see it. Dark colors however, don’t work that well on my screen, who displays colors darker as it is… But I really like the seagull.

  14. Jem said:

    I have increased the contrast between the text and the background a little Vera – please let me know if you still have problems.

  15. Daniela said:

    Nice new layout, the photo of the seagull fits perfectly and I like it, inspite of watching that certain Hitchcock film last night on TV :p

  16. Vera said:

    Yes, it’s quite a bit better, but I’ll stick with the grey-blue theme :) It suits me much better. But the improved version is also good (don’t let the fact that I dislike dark colored layouts discourage you); now I can actually distinguish the different colored ‘blocks’… er spots (dunno how to call them). Anyway, I’m glad to have made a difference :D

  17. Vera said:

    Oh, sorry for the double post, in the ‘lighter’ version the ‘unclicked’ links are too dark on the black background. That blue is hard to read. The visited links and hover are great though.

  18. Malin said:

    Looks fab! Way better than mine! I have to agree with you that the darker one looks better lol :) Im not sure if you have seen it but in IE here at the computer centre you can only see ‘Searc’ on the search button, and the last part of ‘Add Comment’ is disappearing a bit. Just thought I should notice you. Othwerwise, faboulus job!

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