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It Has Been Done

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I’ve gone ahead and ordered through (the same people who do all of my other domains). Eeeh, how exciting!

I am justifying this purchase by not renewing Review-You, as discussed earlier in the year. I can afford to do so, I just don’t see the point in renewing the domain for a site which I don’t feel like dedicating much time to. I find much more entertainment in reviewing people I want to review, and I do that here on my main domain anyway. (RY will continue on a subdomain.) will always be my primary domain. I will not be getting rid of it — no way. I am just looking at ways to expand my audience by targeting those who are either too lazy to type “” or who think that UK domains are for British people only (you’d be surprised at what people think). I just thought I’d reiterate that..

Thank you to everybody that voted. :)

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12 comments so far

  1. Carly said:

    Yay Jem! Isn’t buying new domains fun? I am about to buy one for my brother as a birthday pressie, but I can’t decide what to get…! You are right about the / .com thing – we did a poll about it over at Sway Forum! People usually don’t bother with them if they think they are british.

  2. Amber said:

    Woohoo! My .com vote prevailed. I’ve never thought about the whole thing before. I never realised. I love’s though and if I ever save enough money to buy a domain and find a site that does both hosting and domain together (because I’m too lazy to find both) I will be purchasing that.

  3. Kira said:

    I would never have guessed that people could think means it’s only for British people. :P I voted for .net, but it’s what you want that counts on your site. :P New domains are fun. And I agree about reviewing thing. :)

  4. Aithnea said:

    I never voted, but had I would have gone for .com, I think it just suits your site better. Buying new domains are nice. I wish I could afford a new one, but I don’t know what I’d call it and I love my current one (too bad my host registared it in their name and not mine).

  5. Carly said:

    I like because 1&1 do them for (pounds)1.99 a year! I agree the .com suits the site more… it seems more professional!

  6. Amanda said:

    I can’t believe people could possibly think that are only for the British. Do they also think that .nu is only for the people of Niue? *guffaws*

  7. Claire said:

    Yay for the .com/ duality… I must admit I can see the logic behind it, I have both for my site :) Though I’ll always have a soft spot for my domain…

  8. Chans said:

    Hooray for getting the .com now it’s even easier to find your site. You’re right about Review You, it’s probably better off on a subdomain anyway.

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