Rare Breed Meats and Cheeses

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I’m currently snacking on a slice of roast Saddleback (the pig) from a meat box courtesy of Farmison.com; I’m not normally in the habit of chowing down on pork at all hours (no rude jokes, please) but I needed to cook the middle loin joint… read full entry →

Breastfeeding a tongue tied baby

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Oliver turned 17 weeks yesterday – 4 months old. He had his tongue tie officially diagnosed and snipped a month today. Immediately after the snip, there was a big improvement. Then it got worse, much worse. Then it started to improve again. It still hurts… read full entry →


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I know I’ve been a right miserable bugger lately and I promise that this will pass soon and I will be back to my normal … oh wait, no, that’s right, I’ve always been a miserable bugger :p So what’s my moan about today? I… read full entry →


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Cook, clean, nurse the baby, sleep, code, clean, cook, herd the toddler, more cleaning, more nursing. Am I allowed to talk about how monotonous my life is right now or is that breaking one of the unwritten parenting rules? I’m either sat at my computer… read full entry →

5 things having a second child has taught me about parenting

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1. Having your first child doesn’t teach you everything there is to know about parenting, it just teaches you about parenting THAT child… and even then, when you think you’ve got a handle on things and know what you’re doing, they go and have a… read full entry →

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre family ticket giveaway

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Having recently talked about how Lego is my exception to the “no plastic” rule I am thrilled to be offer my readers a chance to win a free family ticket to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Manchester. The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, based at The Trafford Centre… read full entry →

September Meal Planning

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[insert lateness excuse here] 8th: Sausage baps, wedges, salad 9th: Lasagne + 3 veg 10th: Tuna pasta bake 11th: Beef casserole 12th: Vegetable curry 13th: Poached pollock ‘n’ mash 14th: Homemade pizza 15th: Stir fry 16th: Roast chicken 17th: Chicken & leek pie 18th: Cauliflower… read full entry →


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I’ve been a bit out of sorts this week. It’s why I’ve not blogged and why I’ve still not sorted this month’s meal plan (and this is grating my nerves because I’ve been having the “what shall we have for tea” conversation with myself every… read full entry →

5 ways I’ve saved money in August

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Part of my ongoing mission to save money this year, these things have saved me money this month… 1. Bought tinned beans Like most parents of small children, we buy baked beans. They’re good for emergency meals when Isabel is so wiped out from nursery… read full entry →

Organised Chaos

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Spurred on by your suggestions in my plea for ideas post, Karl and I have set about hacking at the living room this week. We’ve pulled off 90% of the paper, started removing the hideous and uneven polystyrene coving, and replaced the skirting that was… read full entry →


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When Oliver was born, I struggled a little getting him latched. I assumed it was the position I was lying in; the midwife assisted with his first feed and he fed like a champ. It didn’t take very long to notice he had a pronounced… read full entry →

Breastfeeding Stories winner

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Congratulations to Nathalie T., you are the winner of the ‘Breastfeeding: Stories to Inspire and Inform’ book. You won by following @Lonely_Scribe on twitter. Want to win something cool too? Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway of a family ticket to the LEGOLAND® Discovery… read full entry →