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Today I’m just going to ramble on about the ‘stuff’ that is going on here. First, though, thank you if you answered my question yesterday. Context: I had it in my head that my long-time readers had all but buggered off after I had the kids. It’s nice to see how many of you are floating about despite the talk of boobs and poo etc ;) I’m especially impressed that some of you have been ‘here’ since the beginning. Wow. Anyway…

  • I launched WAHMweb this week, for mums like me working from home. It’s as much to get help as to give it… there’s a distinct lack of info out there on tax, benefits, entitlements etc for mums (and dads) working from home and lots of misinformation too. I hope to be adding some posts to Jem On WordPress re: technical side of things when I get 15 mins spare.
  • I am now pretty much fully booked with projects until the end of November at least, which I’m finding a little daunting. Not the time aspect — I’ve left plenty of ‘spare’ time to account for unforeseen problems, illness etc — but because people are paying me to do stuff. Despite having done this for 8 or so years, now that I’m fully accountable for myself it’s bloody scary.
  • Isabel is withholding again after 6 or so months doing brilliantly, and Oliver appears to be teething, so two grumpy kids means I’m a little on edge. Doesn’t help that I’ve dramatically reduced my coffee intake over the past few days to see if it was coincidence that Oliver slept better the night after the day I didn’t have chance to drink any.
  • I’ve got a bunch of product reviews in progress. Nobody has complained about these yet, are they bugging people? I’m not being paid for reviews but do get sent the stuff for free.
  • I need a bigger margin on these list items…
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  1. Rose said:

    I still take an interest in a vague “Need to keep up with these people that I’ve known for a long time,” kind of way, but my general blog reading interest for ALL blogs has waned a lot in the last year or two. Nothing personal or related to your baby situation, though! I find that kind of stuff interesting :)

    I totally don’t mind product reviews, btw. I also don’t mind ads on blogs, donation links, or any other kind of monotizing. I think it’s totally reasonable.

    I guess if it got ridiculously spammy I might mind but I’ve never seen that happen!

  2. Amy said:

    I really dislike the product reviews. So many good blogs I used to read turned to the dark side and began to do these when they got a bit successful.