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Random Question

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To lurkers and non-lurkers alike… how long have you been reading my blog, roughly? Just being extraordinarily nosy :)

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  1. Rebecca said:

    I am a mega super lurker – this is my first time commenting, even! – siiince 2006 or 2005. I don’t think I’ve followed any other blog for that long!

  2. Josh said:

    Probably some time since 2007/2008, inconsistently. I never thought I’d actually know you, since you seemed like some kind of big, bad blogging celebrity back then. :P

  3. Meggan said:

    Oh my. At least since 2006, because I remember that Light on Dark design linked on your “about” page. Was the “cloudy skies” before that? I feel like I remember that too.

    (I guess what I’m saying is that I need a visual timeline of your design for me to remember when I started reading.)

  4. Stephanie said:

    When I was in high school, I read it for about one year, from 2006-2007ish. Then I stopped reading it when I ditched blogging, and the resumed reading it in 2010, when I started blogging again.

  5. Vera said:

    Since forever, or at least that’s what it feels like to me.
    Hm… probably since my days, so 2006 or 2005? I know it was before I finished uni (so before 2007) :P

  6. Amanda said:

    I had to browse through the archives to answer this one–I found posts from 2005 that looked familiar, so at least since then!

  7. Clem said:

    I remember reading your “happy 5th birthday Jemjabella” post, so… maybe since 6 months before then? I’m not sure what year that was, though. Maybe 2007ish.

  8. Mar said:

    On and off for approximately forever. Since the layout was red with white circles in the background. I don’t even know. I was a kid then.

  9. Michelle said:

    I’ve been stalking you for over 10 years, I believe! I’ve known you since my Neopets-obsessed preteen years (SFH and then Neopian Teens, I think it was called).

  10. Rose said:

    Oops, one day late.

    I don’t know. My first record of any email/blog comment interaction with you was in 2004, so probably around then… Our first conversation was about megabook, apparently. Hm!

  11. Carly said:

    On and off for years…. Certainly since I was at uni and easily from the Neopet days!! I’m sure I first found your site looking for tutuorials or something?

    These days I hardly read any blogs at all. I don’t subscribe to any either -yours is the only one I do randomly check from time to time… so I might miss a load of posts but I usually come and catch up :)

  12. Nela said:

    Hmm I’ve been an on and off reader before I discovered RSS, I really don’t remember when was the first time I stumbled into your stuff, but I suppose it was 2004 or 2005 something like that?

  13. Katrina said:

    I’ve never really commented on here, maybe once or twice, but I’ve been reading since about 2008 and onwards. You do really interesting blogs so i’m always coming back to see if there’s an update haha! :)

  14. Adrianne said:

    I believe I started reading your blog since 2004 or 2005 when I discovered your Bellabuffs script for my old J-Pop fanlistings, but I rarely comment unless I actually had the time to comment. But yes, it’s been a long whole while now. ^_^

  15. Courtney said:

    Weirdly I’m writing a potted history of my time on the interwebs for a blog post (I’ve long been a lurker, and only in the last year actually written decent amounts) and checked in here as part of that… only to find this question! I’m not sure of the exact date, but it must be early-mid noughties. I remember Cloudy Skies too anyway, and got here via Neopets :)

  16. Cindy said:

    Good question! I think I started reading your blog in mid-2004 and recognized your name from the Neopets days (which is pretty much attesting to my stalkerishness), which means I’ve been shamelessly lurking for eight years. Damn.

  17. Anita said:

    I’m not sure…I think you had a light blue theme, or maybe it was dark blue. I don’t remember which came first xD My best guess would be 3+ years. I know that’s about when I was in my wannabe webdesigner phase, lol! Your posts come to my email so I’ve just been reading then since then :pp

  18. Amy said:

    Since about 2010, roughly, but I’d definitely heard of your site in the past (through the Pants Awards, naturally) back in my early teenage years!

  19. Kelly said:

    3+ years certainly – I remember when Isabel was announced thinking “mommy blogger – need to leave”. Many moons later have my own Pip on the way and actually enjoy reading the poop talk!

  20. Stephanie said:

    I actually knew of you from Neopets, forgot about you, then discovered your blog. I think I may have read your blog on and off for several years…didn’t start reading it in earnest until I got older, so maybe a couple years now. Oddly enough, I kind of grew up with your blog – from my Neopets heyday until now (I’m 20).

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