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I recently made a decision which will almost certainly change the course of my life forever.

I quit my job.

It wasn’t in my long term plan — with 2 kids I’d previously dismissed working for myself as impractical and risky — but thanks to the government arsing about with tax credits I realised that post-maternity leave I’d be working 4 days a week for less than £200 a month minus childcare costs. It doesn’t matter how much I love(d) my job, I don’t love it enough to do it for little more than a fiver a day. Sod that.

So what am I going to do now?

I’ve registered as self-employed with HMRC and have stuck up a very basic “I’m cool, hire me” site on my named URL to bring in some PHP/WordPress/dev work.

I’ve been putting time into my niche blogs (the natural baby and we ♥ geek t-shirts) to bring in a couple of quid advertising … eventually(!)

I’m also taking the opportunity to pursue paid writing opportunities for other companies/pro bloggers, although don’t know if this will come to anything yet. Just because you crazy folk read the crap I stick on here doesn’t mean the public at large would give two hoots for my opinion on things!

Lastly, in my search for information on making the transition from working for someone else to working from home and the complicated world of tax, benefits etc that comes along with that I’d discovered a bit of a hole in the market (so to speak) so will also shortly be launching a site & community for UK work at home mums.

Fingers in many pies and all that.

This has the possibility to be the best work-related decision I’ve ever made or the end to what little savings I have. Let’s hope it’s that first one, eh?

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I have confidence in your ability to do whatever you set your mind to. I have always known you were smart and have always said that you can do it no matter what path you took.

    I would hope that you know that I am here for you, be that for babysitting or otherwise.

    You have already made me proud with your achievements thus far… the world is your oyster – get out there and do your stuff!

  2. Jessica said:

    … stupid from me hitting the enter button in the middle of writing. :P Back to what I wanted to say:

    It’s a thing I thought about too already, just to get out of the vicious circle at work I got sucked into. Too bad I don’t have anything to show off – and seeing how much I’d need monthly I guess it’s not a good idea right now to quit my job. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do pretty good, seeing your projects you’ve made in the past. :)

  3. Susan Last said:

    Good luck with it all – I did the same thing in different circumstances last year after mat leave with my third and haven’t looked back yet – I’m enjoying work more, and working on my own terms, which is great. Still hard balancing childcare, cash and commitments, of course, but that’s just parenthood :)

  4. Renate said:

    Good luck, I hope it works out for you! :) That salary change is madness on a stick, I don’t understand how that is supposed to work – almost full time for close to no profit…

  5. Lilian said:

    I don’t think you will have any problems finding freelance work. If I can do it, anyone can! Good luck :)

  6. Meggan said:

    Exciting! I’m sure you’ll do fine freelancing. Plus, no having to leave the house in the mornings! I think this is a great decision for you.

  7. Hev said:

    YOU CAN DO IT, JEM!!!! Go girl!! As long as you are happy then I am all for it, not that my opinion matters, lol. I think you will enjoy it & I know the kids will too. Have fun, Jem.

  8. Emma said:

    Good luck!

    I’m so jealous, I would love to be able to spend more time with my daughter, sadly I earn more than her daddy so he stays home!

    Will definitely remember your URL if I hear of anyone wanting WP dev etc

  9. Clem said:

    I’m really happy that you’re able to do this, and I wish you all the best! You have a lot of great stuff in the works already, so I’m sure this decision will pay off. This is such an exciting decision and I’m just really glad you’re able to go for it!

  10. Stephanie said:

    I’m sure that you will be just fine! The reason that you have so many loyal followers despite not doing any sort of advertising and spamming yourself on other people’s blogs is that your content is great!

    Hopefully, you won’t get too many requests in your freelance work. :P

  11. Nela said:

    Congratulations on your decision :) While there are many difficulties regarding self-employment, I never heard from a single person (s)he regretted her or his decision. I wish you the best of luck!

  12. Nancy said:

    With all of the responsibilities and the joy of raising your children, having a job on top of that sounds like a serious business. Good luck with your new journey of self-employment :). With your ninja skills in php/wordpress/dev work, I am sure people will be hiring you without a problem.

    You never know how things turned out until you try it! If you have people already reading your blog posts, you’re on the right track ;).

    Good luck, Jem :)!

  13. Claire said:

    Wow, that is life changing news! I’ll be reading with interest as to how you get on – I’m sure your (good) reputation will help you win those crucial first few clients. All the best. x