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3 ways I’ve saved money in September

 |  Budgeting

Part of my ongoing mission to save money this year, these things have saved me money this month (unfortunately I could only come up with 3 things)

1. Moved hosting

I moved away from Site5 in 2009 after they botched a routine server upgrade. Clook, my host of choice have been fantastic since then but are pricier than most. In an effort to save money long term I’ve moved my less important sites back to Site5 so that I can downgrade my Clook account but keep any “vital” bits as-is. When cashflow increases I’ll probably reverse this unless Site5 gives me reason not to (not looking good so far, had 2 lots of downtime in a month).

2. Been flexible with my meal plan

I am fairly good at sticking to my monthly meal plan, but last month whilst in Tesco I spotted 2.5kg of lamb shoulder on a half price offer (£20 down to £10) but, because it was short-dated, was also reduced again down to £5. That’s a crazy amount of meat for a fiver! Slow roasted til it fell off the bone, I was able to do several main meals with it and have a weeks worth of sandwiches (and picking at it every time I opened the fridge door, ha).

As I’d have spent £5 on a chicken the weekend I went in, it saved me the cost of the ‘missed’ main meals for no extra money.

3. Bought frozen desserts

Last month was CAKE-FEST, a yearly(ish) event in which my bestest friends from t’interwebs invade my house and eat cheesecake, cake, crisps etc. I’d normally buy premade cheesecakes for the event from the fridges in Tesco/Co-op which are a few quid each. This time I was a cheapskate and bought frozen desserts for £1-£2 instead. Nobody complained!

Did you see the 5 ways I saved money in August? You’re going to need to give me tips for saving money this month, as I’m running out of ideas!

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