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From the early days as an IT Technician to my first web developer role, going self-employed for the first time, managing a team of developers and going back and forth to office work before ultimately realising I'm "unemployable" and returning to running my own business as a WordPress freelancer. The entire history of my work roles and all the pros and cons of working for myself can be found in here.

Back To Work

Karl’s back to work after his half term break today so not only does that mean I had to get up at 6:30am this morning, but I’ve got to get off my lazy ass and visit a job agency today. Job agency, back to bed.. job agency, back to bed.. such a tough choice. *snore*… read more →

Jem Wants a Job

It’s been a while since I updated you all on what’s going on in my life therefore I figured I might as well post… I quit my voluntary job on Friday — the one I’ve been doing since they stopped paying me in September. What with job searching and ‘stuff’ I’ve not had the time… read more →

Job Interview

I had a job interview at a local school this morning for an ICT techie job. I had a bit of a moment at first where I was trying to get my laptop out of its bag to demonstrate the kind of thing I could do for their website (part of the job requirement is… read more →

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Happy New Years!

Happy 2006 everyone! From reading various blogs/journals, I see that most of you enjoyed your new years celebrations, yay :) I’ve read tons of entries about people having a sucky 2005 and they hope this year is better.. but I can’t say as I agree. I finished college, got my first job and first pay… read more →

Boss’s Orders!

My Boss told me before I left work this afternoon that I had to blog about how he has educated my musical tastes over the past two days because he’s been playing some old Christmas music. I actually want to blog about how much I’d love to shove the CDs somewhere not-so-CD-shaped because now I… read more →

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Job Interviews, etc.

I’ve actually been putting off blogging for the past week or so because everything I’ve want to write about has been job-orientated, and I didn’t want to go and get myself dooced before I’ve even been given the job. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that I had two interviews for new jobs all… read more →

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I think my post yesterday was somewhat misleading and I left you all (or most of you) with the impression that I was worried about other people’s opinions on my site. On the contrary, it’s not other people’s opinions that are bugging me — it’s my own! One half of my head is saying “prove… read more →

Useless Websites

You searched for:Locations: within 10 miles of TelfordChannel: IT & Internet SectorSpecialism: (Helpdesk/Support OR Web Development) AND (Graduate &/or Entry Level) Unfortunately your search did not match any of our current vacancies. This is one of the downfalls of specialising in IT. Employers are far and few between and when you do find something they… read more →

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Shitty shit shit

So, this week has not been the best so far this year. I got shipped from Computer Services to the Web Design office so I could do some designing (instead of the usual developing) which is all fine and funky, but I’m so used to designing for my own specifications I end up braindead and… read more →