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Job Interview

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I had a job interview at a local school this morning for an ICT techie job. I had a bit of a moment at first where I was trying to get my laptop out of its bag to demonstrate the kind of thing I could do for their website (part of the job requirement is designing/developing their site) and the zip got stuck which made look like a prat (well, in my eyes) but otherwise it seemed to go okay. I actually enjoyed the interview.

I got a call about 20 minutes ago informing me that I hadn’t got the job unfortunately and it was because the the guy they’d decided to appoint had more hardware/networking knowledge. Why did I not get the job based on the knowledge I’ve got? Because I played myself down. Admittedly, networking isn’t my strong point.. but I did have to do some networking over the summer and I do know about networking and I did the dummy act because I didn’t want them to ask a tough question that I potentially couldn’t answer. Damn my pride, it’s a pain in the arse.

I’m disappointed, because they guy who I think they’ve appointed made it clear earlier that he wasn’t interested in the school itself (went as far as calling it ‘run down’, which isn’t true) and just needed a job. Sure, I need a job too, but I do want to work with the kids and I was interested in the kind of atmosphere I think the school can offer. Meh, perhaps I’m just bitter. I should have told the headteacher to keep my details just in case this guy backs out but I didn’t think of that.

Anyone need an IT Techie with experience in user/telephone support and a background in web dev/design and web project management?

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Sapphire said:

    I always do something stupid in interviews like excessive hand movement or my leg would have a seizure of its own free will, completely disregarding my demands to “STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOU BIG BAD LEG!” When I yell the commands in the general direction of my leg, that is when the interviewer knows if she/he does not scram out of there, they will be infected by some strain of Mad Cow Disease.

  2. Amelie said:

    Aw :( I’d employ you if I had some money :P We need to get some networky stuff sorted out at my parents’ house and my family are rather useless with computers (I get calls every day when I’m down there from various relatives saying “Now Internet Explorer says ‘page cannot be displayed’. What does that mean? What have I done? Can you come round and fix it?”) and currently I do all that for free so you’d be welcome to help (and teach them all how useless IE/OE is and why they should be using Firefox and at least XP instead of crappy 98). I know nothing about networking. Absolutely nothing. All I do know is that the cable goes in the back of the machine (if it’s got an Ethernet port) and hey presto there we go. Depending on the structure some of the drives of other comps appear as N: or M: or something like that, but that’s the limit of my knowledge… XD /useless rambling comment (sorry about that)

  3. Vera said:

    That’s so frustrating. But it’s a lesson worth to learn for future interviews. At least to me. Sorry about not getting the job. And it’s so frustrating when they gave it to a guy who’s not even interested. DON’t they care about the school?

  4. Echo said:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Jem. I’ve done the same thing with design projects. I get -way- too tense when people start babbling on about what they want because they honestly have no idea what htey want ; ) so I say yes we’ll see and then they decide to ‘go another way’. I’m always weasling my way out of money *sigh*. Maybe you and me should go into business together? That could be interesting ; )

  5. Roni said:

    I know how frustrating that can be. I went for a job interview last week and played down my knowledge in case of them asking me a question I was unsure of the answer to.. and I didn’t get it :( Something better will come along!

  6. Claire Phipps said:

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job Jem…I can sympathise, I’m a sod for playing myself down or selling myself short/not really selling myself at all just incase I end up in high water, so to speak. Valuable learning experience nonetheless? I know thats not much of a substitute for the job itself, but silver linings and all that… Best of luck for future interviews xxx

  7. Tracey said:

    I’m sorry to hear that Jem. There’s no doubt I’d have loved to be one of the kids you worked with. Next time, you know not to downplay yourself, eh? Good luck for the next time!

  8. Elea said:

    Ugh, that stinks. I do the same thing myself, but in job interviews, they’re really looking to be impressed, so I guess building yourself up a bit (though not TOO much) is a requirement. Better luck in the future.

  9. mark said:

    Bad luck! :( I got my job after failing at the first interview – a year later the job came up again! Just keep an eye on the ads. I’m like that too – put myself down a lot. Someone said to me: ‘you’ve got to sell your plus points – an advert would never tell you what was wrong with a product’. Hope you don’t mind me saying that! As I don’t know you at all. [Just visiting from edugeek btw]

  10. Gemma said:

    Sorry that you’ve been disappointed again. From what you said, though, it sounds as though you’ve got a good interview technique and put yourself over postively – those are huge benefits and bode well for you striking lucky eventually. Keep plugging!

  11. kachii said:

    The IT tech at my old school turned out to be a paedophile ;) I worked for free as the webdeveloper there. I really regret doing that now. I should’ve demanded pay. I guess they thought they shouldn’t bother paying because I was a student. Networking is nasty. I’m taking CCNA at college at the moment and although I’m doing quite well in the exams I forget everything afterwards :P I don’t think I’ll ever go for a networking job.

  12. Karl said:

    The CCNA? Hmm..yes.:) Jem and I both did the Cisco ITE course last year. I did it purely as a refresher though..I quite liked it. I need to look into others..I like distance learning though-I need to fit it in around my work. I did ITE in my lunch breaks. mark, whats your U/N on edugeek? I might look you up on monday if I have time..

  13. Jim said:

    I tend to get too comfortable at job interviews. I can count at least three times where I got bored waiting to be called in for the interview, that I without noticing, started doodling on my application. There’s nothing like handing your interviewer an application with a small army of stickmen advancing their enemy, and a bunch of swirls everywhere. Screw the playing yourself down bit. Play yourself up. What are they going to say? Jem, tell us where the ____ protocol would be within the OSI model and why? Jem, if two DCs were having master browser conflicts what…etc. They’ll want to know to what extent your familiar with their domains or site. As long as you understand the basics, and have a strong grasp of how to effectively troubleshoot, you’ll be fine. You’ll end up learning how they do things as you go anyway. No one’s going to be telling you to do something in depth on your first day, at least not without helping you.

  14. Karl said:

    Jim – I agree with that, but I HAVE had a job where the day after I started I was shown an NT4 server etc having NEVER used one before, and told “well, it doesn’t look that different to Windows’ll sort it out.”. Now THAT was fun..:) Although, my line manager was asked a really odd quesion at his interview…”name the colours used in a cat5 crossover cable, in the right order”. I’d be stuffed..I never keep things like that in memory.

  15. Nikki-ann said:

    Well, maybe taht guy won’t last too long if he’s not interested in the school. Hopefully there’ll be another chance for you there as it sounded perfect. Hope you had a good weekend.

  16. Dave said:

    Listen dude, you dont wanna be doing support in a school at that level … it would kill you .. ive done it for 2 years now , and its fooking stress , get in the private sector .. trust me …

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