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I think my post yesterday was somewhat misleading and I left you all (or most of you) with the impression that I was worried about other people’s opinions on my site. On the contrary, it’s not other people’s opinions that are bugging me — it’s my own! One half of my head is saying “prove your skills with professionalism” and the other is saying “do what the heck you like because it’s your damned website”.

I do want to create a proper portfolio to entice potential business clients at some point — this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time though. While I don’t intend to try and kid myself into thinking I could survive on freelance work, a few bits on the side would certainly be a boost to my savings. Savings? Sorry, I meant spendings. ;)

I went into the local town centre today to hand out my CV to any poor sod willing to accept it. Currys.. or was it Comet? I don’t know, one of the two: said they’re looking for some Christmas workers and they’d give me a ring at some point if they need me. Super duper. I know a job is a job at the end of the day, but I don’t have the patience to deal with stroppy customers who think they know best. So, while I’m hopeful because it is work, I won’t be disappointed if they don’t ring. Apparently lots of spotty college kids have been applying anyway (that wasn’t the exact words of the lady I spoke to, but it was the impression I got.)

Heyho.. it’s the weekend! Not that that is much to celebrate, I’ve got work to do. *groan* Still haven’t finished this football database and it was supposed to be done weeks ago. I will get it done this weekend, damnit.

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  1. Ginger said:

    I like the “do what the heck you like because it’s your damned website.” If you want to join a bunch of pointless fanlistings, then go for it. I believe the whole point of making personal websites is for the fun. Is it because making professional websites isn’t fun, because it takes away from some of the things you want to do?

  2. Bekki said:

    Thank god it’s Friday hey? I understand your apathy over working with the public. The sad thing is, though, that no matter what you do career-wise you always end up working with idiots. I took on the job I have now so i’d have no contact with the public but unfortunately you have to worry about people within your organisation as well! You just can’t win.

  3. Joni said:

    I would go for the “do what the heck you like because it’s your damned website” mentality as far as your personal site goes. Create a separate “professional” website for your portfolio…even if it’s on this domain, just on it’s own subdomain or folder. That doesn’t mean your personal site can’t look or be professional, but it should be fun for you. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. *end unsolicited advice* :P

  4. Vix said:

    Now, listen matey. is my baby just as JJB is YOUR baby, so stop pissing around, worrying about other people and just do as you please. :P I have to show to prospective clients and that works just dandy-o for me . . . besides . . . Who said a personal site can’t be both fun AND professional?! If anyone can pull off both, you can . . . (Although I will never have flashing gifs as long as I live . . . ) Sorry you don’t live nearer so that I could be all immoral and give you a job. :( Happy hunting though – the right one will come along soon. V xx

  5. Rosemarie said:

    *touches mostly zit-free face* heeeeyyyyyyyy Anyway, I didn’t think you were trying to please the masses in your last post or anything :) I’m not 100% sure what I thought (because I rarely think) but it wasn’t that :D

  6. Brenda said:

    All the best with looking for a job. :P Like you, I am stuck in between whether to make a site look, well, good and professional, or just to do as I please. I decided to go ahead with both, although the first one to a greater extent. :) Mmm, a portfolio. Perhaps a subdomain, or another domain (*cough* Hehe) for your portfolio will do fine. :P

  7. Vera said:

    so… do you or don’t you have a job? *confused* anyway, good luck with finding one. About your site? Hm… sorry I tend to trail off the path. I meant that your site DOES look highly personal to me. Of course, you COULD add some 308569465 surveys, pictures of you and/or Karl… googlisms. Spark an interest? *duck (un)identitfied flying objects* No really, a personal site is one that just screams *insert_your_name_here*, and according to my humble opinion, yours does.

  8. Mia said:

    Oops, missed your last entry! Ooh, a professional portfolio on a seperate site does sound like a good idea; it’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for absolutely ages (I’ve had the domain name registered for over a year now!). It’ll be on a seperate domain to absolutely everything, basically at [myrealfullname].net (and possibly also the other popular tld’s :p) You could do something like that too? :) Ooh and good luck with job hunting! :)

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