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So, my week started with three slow days — I basically spent the time waiting for other people to get off their arses so I could get on with what I needed to do. However, yesterday picked up and I ended up doing an entire weeks project in a day. Well, a morning if you want to be really precise. The afternoon was spent troubleshooting and drinking coffee. I ended up not using mySQL, but I did get chance to learn about switches and cases (thank you Noir!)

Anyway, let’s skip back a bit to earlier on in the week – I had a meeting with the Vice Principal (randomly selected student, apparently) about my feelings regarding the college. What I liked, what could be improved on, my thoughts on the staff, facilities, etc. I feel I was as honest as possible, which she seemed to like. At the end of our meeting (after we’d discussed what I want to do after college) she mentioned she could get me an interview with a local employer should I change my mind about the direction I want to take (the employer doesn’t do web).

Yesterday was equally interesting. After showing AB (guy who is running work experience) what I’d done in the morning, he started chatting to me about what I wanted to do after college and then mentioned how interested he was in employing technically minded students who didn’t want to go to University. He discussed the possibility of a summer job. So hopefully that’s another possible-job deal thingy. Working here would be very convenient too!

To top off a rather good week, I got my college report yesterday – glowing, of course. There were two typos at the bottom which I was not impressed with. ;) Anyway, that’s been my week in a nutshell. Rather positive. I’m off to get my lunch now — I’m bloody starving!

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