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Job Interviews, etc.

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I’ve actually been putting off blogging for the past week or so because everything I’ve want to write about has been job-orientated, and I didn’t want to go and get myself dooced before I’ve even been given the job.

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that I had two interviews for new jobs all lined up and they both got arranged for the same day. A bit of wangling later and I managed to get to job 2 interview with an agreement that boss at job 1 would give me an interview providing he didn’t find a successful candidate in the first interviews. Boss did find a candidate so no second interview, but that’s cool. I’m fine with that.

Now that I’ve confused you with this “job 1” and “job 2” business, I’ll just sum up everything by saying that I actually ENJOYED my interview yesterday. The people were nice and the individual task I had to do (to demonstrate my skills, I will assume) had me giggling because it involved reviewing their current intranet which I do as a hobby and therefore completely rock at.

Although my mind went blank two/three times during the formal interview thus making me stumble over TCP/IP, DHCP etc.. I think I did well and have my fingers crossed for this job. You guys can start crossing your fingers too. The only thing not in my favour is the lack of years of experience, but I think I’m okay. We’ll see.. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m tired today, it’s been a long week.

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  1. morfy said:

    Wow…but yeah i know the feeling all my october was oriented in getting a job. Did got it…and its a pain :p. Anyway hope you fell better soonish and get the one of the two job you most liked…Hung in there :)

  2. kachii said:

    That task sounds a bit like my French GCSE exam. Basically, we had to prepare an oral presentation and were given a random topic to speak about on the day. Fortunately my prepared presentation and my secret topic were the same ;) so I knew exactly what to say!

  3. Rosemarie said:

    Blah, I think I’m going to go drop off my resume over at the bookstore later today. I need christmas money! Good luck with the job – I have a feeling you’ll get it :P

  4. Christian Montoya said:

    Wow, I’m very excited for you! That reminds me, I’m supposed to be job hunting too. Only had one interview so far this semester and I didn’t get the job… not that I really wanted it, but the work sounded cool.

  5. Brenda said:

    Two job interviews? That’s fantastic. It is very hard to land any job interviews related to IT where I am. Anyway, all the best for your two interviews. But I’m sure you’ll breeze through it anyway. :P Hehe. Awaiting the good news!

  6. Jem said:

    ^ If you read the post :P you’ll see that I only ended up with one interview and I’ve already had it. Am just waiting to hear back from them now.

  7. Lynn said:

    With all of your incredible talent, Jem, you should be fine. I’ll be praying for the best…it stinks that you got bumped out of one possibly job but I would rather have one excellent interview instead of two so-so ones. Oh and, sidenote (don’t shoot me for having non-journal-related news on here), you’re going to have all of my pending reviews done by tomorrow night. I already flagged ’em. I decided to post in a boom boom boom method because I’m a dork like that. Jordie – dooced means fired because of job-related blog entries. Dooce got…dooced. Uh. Yeah. *hangs head*

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