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Work archive

From the early days as an IT Technician to my first web developer role, going self-employed for the first time, managing a team of developers and going back and forth to office work before ultimately realising I'm "unemployable" and returning to running my own business as a WordPress freelancer. The entire history of my work roles and all the pros and cons of working for myself can be found in here.

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Day 1 of Week Off

Have this week off — my first since Christmas — and guess what I did? Nothing. Nothing at all. I played a couple hours of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and read Equal Rites (Pratchett) again but otherwise did nothing to tackle my backlog of e-mail, the…

 |  Work

I Loathe JavaScript

Given that my current course module thingy is on JavaScript, I expected to unearth a love for JavaScript that I didn’t know I had. I wanted to use the time to explore the quirks of the language, and its uses beyond the basics which I’ve…

 |  Work

Disastrous Day

I’ve had a heavy workload for the past few weeks which means work has been quite hectic — and the reason why I’ve not been online in the evenings of late — but today was particularly ridiculous. Within 10 minutes of getting into work, I…

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Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas?

I may be in a position soon whereby I’ll need to start preparing my lunch for work in advance, instead of nipping home and doing my lunch during my break. So, I need some lunch ideas. Ham/cheese sandwiches and cold tuna pasta salad is going…

 |  Interwebs, Work

Actually, Include the 404

While doing some random surfing, in between mocking up a potential new disaster (layout) in Photoshop, and whilst avoiding the washing up/ignoring the oven (oh shit my flat is on fire) I found a post at about Creating User Friendly 404s. The post is…

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