No Day Like a Snow Day

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As I’m sure the majority not living under a rock may have heard, a lot of the UK woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. In fact, some of us woke up to a few inches of snow that only increased during the day. I was let home early from work this afternoon by a massive 50 minutes (my boss, he so generous … and possibly also reading so will refrain from saying anything else ;) ) Anyway, I made a snowblokey:


…and I know you’re all jealous of my l33t snowman building skills.

In totally unrelated news that I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to talk about, syswear geek t-shirts are ‘sponsoring’ a contest which will run Feb 5th—Mar 5th. If you’re from the USA, Canada or Europe and you’re in to geeky stuff, this one is for you. More details shall be revealed in due course, but now is a good time to sign up if you’ve not done so already!

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  1. Mimi said:

    It’s a midget! I like it. I really wanted to make a snowman but all of the snow in our yard got MUD all over it from a driving disaster in our unpaved driveway. Sad faces to the max.. :( :( :( :(

  2. Anthony said:

    We got ten inches of snow the other day, the schools were off all last week. Pretty crazy, sadly after it snowed the rain came down and hardened it all. So instead of "snowman" snow it was "fall and break your ass" snow.

  3. Margaret said:

    I’d try to prove I could build a more l337 snowman than you, but I live in a place where practically every business in the area would close if we got a mere 1cm of snow. :P

  4. Mumblies said:

    Is the snow blokeh helping with the packing too? Hehe, yes I know…shut up Mum! :) Nice of your boss to let you go home early to play in the snow.

  5. Audrey said:

    A few years ago my boyfriend and I made a snowman outside our apartment. It melted the next day, but maintained a "snowman-like" shape. We’ve referred to that lump of snow as "Depressionman" ever since. We still giggle of it when there’re flakes in the air. Maybe it’s a little lame, but oh well. I am jealous of your snow no less! It rarely snows in the valley I live in. :/