What happened to January?

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It only feels like 5 minutes ago I was getting myself all in a panic about how Isabel would settle at nursery, but apparently it’s well over a month. Oops. Neglecting my blog, much?

Isabel settled into nursery quicker than I imagined she would. She’s adopted a blanket that I crocheted when I was about 14 as her temporary object of attachment while she’s there. I didn’t expect it to be used for that purpose way back when, but whatever keeps her happy.

Of course, while I’m pleased that Isabel is enjoying being at nursery, I’m not enjoying the multitude of coughs, colds etc that seem to be par for the course with daycare.

My driving lessons are starting to get somewhere now; trying test routes etc. I’m a good driver :D but terrible at checking my mirrors. I NEED to get this spot on before I go for my test though as it’s apparently an automatic fail? Anyway, guess I need to arrange my theory first.

I’m still waiting for my result from my OU module pre-Christmas. It’s quite annoying because I am not sure if I’ll have passed this one, so wanted to wait for the result before signing up for the next module (so I don’t have to resit it and do another at the same time). I found out the day AFTER applications closed for the next module that I won’t be getting the result for another couple of months! Fuckwits.

Anyway, I have instead been filling my time with web projects. I rescued BabyLedWeaning.com from the evil clutches of Dreamhost for a friend, and have been moving / theming content etc for that. (Note in progress forum tweakage…) I’ve also been working on a massive side project for the Q*bee with Melly which was released to the bee-public last night. Customisable avatars and inventory/shop etc, AKA the bee*mee project. Check out my bee*mee (not particularly accurate yet mind you):

my bee*mee

I turned 25 on the 7th January. That’s half of 50, and don’t I feel it these days?! There’s nowt like wiping arses and paying bills to make you feel like an old fart. Not that I’d change a day of it, mind you…

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  1. Aisling said:

    Oh hayyy there. I think the last months of winter are crazy for everyone. I haven’t had a chance to relax in weeks (despite only needing to be in classes 4 days a week and not working a proper job this year), and I’m paying for it now with the monster cold from Hell.

    The bee*mees are sooo cute! I miss the q*bee quite a bit. I know, I know, I’m not busy enough according to you, Supermom, but I’m also not sure of the future of my personal site, anyway.

    Hope the germs let you rest for at least a week! Don’t worry, it will be spring soon enough and all we’ll need to worry about is allergies. ;)

  2. Hanna said:

    How time flies. Thinking it makes me worried but I can’t forget it… LOT TO DO STILL D: Anyway good to know that Izzz is adjusting herself fine in the nursery. :)

  3. Vera said:

    I hate you people with mad crocheting skills… mine always sucked big time. I can only knit halfway decently, and even that only extends to scarves T^T My mom on the other hand is so good at them… I adore the stuff she made for school (while she was in school that is, not me). :P

    Oooh side projects are fun. Which reminds me, is there anything I could possibly help with, at rev.iew.me? Maybe the admin panel?

  4. gem said:

    One way to look at all the colds, etc. is the building of her immune system! With each time, her body will become more and more resilient and her immune system will have learned new tricks. That is what I tell myself when I’m going through a particularly annoying string of illnesses, at least.

  5. Robmarie said:

    Congrats on turning 25! Think of it as a quarter of a century, and you’ll feel like you have a longer way to go xD

  6. Caity said:

    I’m glad that Isabel is doing well with daycare. I think it’s so adorable that she has attached herself to your blanket that you made so long ago. That is so precious. That must be such a special blanket.

    I love my mirrors. I can’t live without them. I even have additional little mirrors that show my blind spots on my side mirrors because I’m lazy and don’t like turning my head when I’m merging. I guess that’s crazy New York drivers for you, though.

    The Bee Mee looks really cute! :)

    I know what you mean about being 25. I’m 26 and as I close in on 27 soon I still don’t feel like most of my friends do about "nearing the dreaded 30." I’ll probably change my mind once I get there but who knows. I still feel great. Better every year, even.

  7. Mumblies said:

    I think you realise now what I mean when I say you can blink and discover that years have gone by…

    I’m so pleased that Isabel has settled into nursery now and is happy with her new friends and routine. Although I would have happily continued as we were, with me and Lou watching her for you each day she does (as all little people do) need social interaction and the opportunity to meet children of her age and other adults too, this of course wouldn’t have happened had we continued that method of childcare. I wouldn’t worry overly about her attachment to her ‘blankie’ we used to pop that over to keep her warm while she napped and it may just be that it smells of home and you and Karl, and makes her feel safe. As far as the coughs and colds go…also par for the course I’m afraid, no amount of breastfeeding and immunities will help her cope with germs that she has not come into contact with before, but they will help her recover faster from each bug, pass it on to you and Karl then when you all recover from that one…along comes another bug which will start the process all over again. Eventually that will slow down too, as she grows up.

    Regarding the driving lessons, that too will become so commonplace that you will eventually literally do it in your sleep, and worrying too much about the MSM (mum says mirror/mirror signal maneouvre) as you will find yourself doing that without thinking soon enough, and once you do, you will find that you continue to do that without conscious thought. I’ve found over the yrs that the best way to remember something important is to NOT think about it too much. I’m certain that you will pass both your theory and your driving test itself without problems, you are smart and easily get the hang on new things without major problems, I see no reason why you won’t do the same with this. :)

  8. Mallory said:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I miss the good old days where you’d blog about the latest in the ins and outs of the Blogosphere and all its drama, as opposed blogging about the ins and outs of, well … Isabel. :P Which, I have duly noted, is significantly less drama filled!

    Have you considered posting any blogs like the ones you used to way back when …?

    Of course I don’t mean things like the pants awards or what have you — That’s a little too drama heavy for my tastes nowadays, haha — But I do enjoy your PHP tips and WordPress talk and hearing about how highly or how lowly you think of similar tech-tastic geekery! :) I miss these sorts of entries.

  9. Alex said:

    I used to be horrible with mirrors, too, but it just comes naturally after a while and I don’t even think about it now. After some time you’ll only notice that you’re checking them if your mirrors get repositioned somehow, which will send a signal to your brain saying something’s different from what you normally do. I wouldn’t stress over it too much, driving’s always tough in the beginning (at least you don’t have my mom grabbing the door handle and hanging on for dear life while screeching like a hyena and trying to teach you to drive…), but it totally gets easier very quickly. Good luck!

  10. Angie Stevens said:

    Aaah well done both of you. And by the way 25 is far too young!!!
    Good luck with the driving, I passed at 32 and haven’t looked back since. You can do it. It’s about staying calm and lots of confidence.