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From the early days as an IT Technician to my first web developer role, going self-employed for the first time, managing a team of developers and going back and forth to office work before ultimately realising I'm "unemployable" and returning to running my own business as a WordPress freelancer. The entire history of my work roles and all the pros and cons of working for myself can be found in here.

All Loose Ends Tied (hah)

I finally received confirmation yesterday that my application for the course on web apps I talked about has been received and accepted, so I am trying to tie up as many loose ends and get as much stuff done as possible. This is not as easy as you’d think, because every time I try and… read more →

9lbs and an AMD Athlon 64 X2

Things have been a little slow lately because I had last week off work. Actually, that’s a lame excuse, you’d think that’d make me blog more… Anyway, apart from being told I’m short-sighted last week we also had an incident with the car (Karl explains it better), I had a ‘successful’ doctors appointment in which… read more →

Need a 25 Hour Day

E-mails, notes, work, script changes, plugins, tutorials, a half-finished review, phpFanBase, the qbee, fanlistings, link changes, CMS, friends, birthdays, questions, forums.. argh! Everything is creeping up on me and I’m finding it impossible to organise myself. Time is my worst enemy it seems. If I drop off the face of the planet, I’m not dead… read more →

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Daytime Torture

According to Wikipedia, the United Nations Convention Against Torture defines torture as: any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person So why is there no mention of daytime television in this article? I’m serious. I’ve been at home today because I feel like I’m dying,… read more →

Casual Kinda Girl

I went to work this morning in my jeans and a t-shirt (as is the norm) — came home at lunch to get changed into something a little smarter for a meeting, and then changed back into my jeans this evening. Some might say that this is a little obsessive and that I could have… read more →

Dealing With Support

There are days when I’d rather deal with a million awkward clients, than have to send yet another e-mail to a support team. Argh! Don’t get me wrong, I’m often quick to jump on others for getting nasty with support because I’ve been there… sat on the other end of the telephone line or e-mail… read more →

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Bad Eating Habits

I am developing — or rather, re-developing — bad eating habits. In my old icky job my working hours were regimented. Coffee breaks were virtually timed to the second, and after stumbling up and down several flights of stairs all morning I’d worked off my lunch time calories before I’d even consumed them. Although I… read more →

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What a Year…

If someone had approached me at the beginning of this year and said “this, this and this is going to happen” I’d have probably laughed in their face because 2006 has been so… life-changing! In so many ways, I think this year really was the start of my life as a grown-up. Around January I… read more →

Feeling of Relief

I am feeling just a little bit relaxed this evening. Work has finished and I don’t have to worry about it again until January 2nd. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my job, but these past couple of weeks have been very busy. It’s not going to change — I have a major project… read more →