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What a Year…

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If someone had approached me at the beginning of this year and said “this, this and this is going to happen” I’d have probably laughed in their face because 2006 has been so… life-changing! In so many ways, I think this year really was the start of my life as a grown-up.

Around January I gave up my first job — out of necessity rather than lack of love for it. I enjoyed it, I got on with the people I worked with and was completing tasks that I hadn’t done before. It’s such a shame that after my ‘contract’ ran out it was completely unpaid and I was doing it for experience. Heyho, can’t have everything!

I started looking for jobs and got my first ever job interview (I wasn’t interviewed for my first job) at New College — another local college. I froze in the interview, getting a basic question wrong but otherwise did OK. They promised me on that they’d get in touch either way. Not only did they not call, but they didn’t answer when I rang them. They really messed me about.

To this day, I can’t decide what is more irritating — not hearing from someone at all after applying for a job/sending over a copy of my CV, or hearing back from them once and then not again.. or worse, going to the interview and not hearing back. This was all irrelevant when I landed a part-time position at a school in Shrewsbury.

I didn’t want the job, but really had no other choice. Still, the first week was actually quite good and I started to enjoy myself. Unfortunately, my boss turned out to be a complete prat and by the end of my first month I was coming home mentally exhausted and frustrated almost to the point of tears. After about four months I gave up listening to people telling me to stick with it, and during the summer I started eyeing up new jobs again.

It was my absolute pleasure to return the favour to New College when they rang me around July/August asking if I was yet employed. I confirmed that I was, but was looking for a new job and would be happy to come in. What I didn’t tell them was that I was in the process of being interviewed for my current job. The morning I was due at New College I took great delight in ringing them up to tell them that I couldn’t make it. I hope I inconvenienced them as much as they inconvenienced and disappointed me earlier in the year. Petty? Yes. A great decision? Definitely.

The reason why I turned down the second interview at NC was not purely ‘revenge’ anyway — the evening before I had accepted an offer from my now-boss, landing myself a shiny new job back doing web development. Hoorah! I think going for the position, doing the interviews and accepting the job was probably the best decision I’ve made this year. I’ve learnt new things, made new friends and what’s more: I found a place to live!

Finally, Karl and I moved out this year. Had I not taken the job I know I’d have not even seen this place up for rent and Karl and I would have been still stuck at his Mum’s. As grateful as I am to her for letting me stay (rent free, I might add) for so long, it is great to be in a place of our own; peace and quiet at last!

Other highlights of the year include seeing my Dad in January, my niece saying “I love you” for the first time and the release of Wii. (Sorry, I had to chuck that one in there. It’s just too awesome!) Writing this out makes it all sound so trivial, but if next year is anywhere near as busy or involves as many “life changes” I think I’m going to be grey-haired by the time it’s over. Hip hip hooray, three cheers for 2006, and here’s to the new year!

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  1. Hillarie said:

    2006 was great for me, too. I found your site, was introduced to web standards (OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!), finally opened my site, got a totally cute dog, became obsessed with some of the usual teen stuff (I’m not ashamed to admit that I love Fall Out Boy and One Tree Hill), and I became even more addicted to coffee. This year seemed short, and it was much more interesting/dramatic than 2005. Yup, it was a great year.

  2. Mary said:

    2006 was probably the best year yet for me. Just like Hillarie, I found your site and got introduced to standards (you are the best, seriously), and I also really grew up maturely. Thanks, Jem, for being a PHP ninja and stressing standards compliancy or else I’d still be a n00b making life-scarring webpages. I still cringe at my first attempts of web design. xD

  3. Joshua Goodwin said:

    2006… I turned from being someone who’s knowledge of web design could be written on a postage stamp, to someone okay. And i discovered this site… as for 2007… time to finally leann PHP, i hope TutorialTastic will help, thanks for creating it

  4. Aravis said:

    2006 was very emotionally trying for me. I’m kinda glad it’s over. It’s time for a clean slate and move things forward. Anyway, happy new year!

  5. Viitoria said:

    That was a very up and down year, wasn’t it. I’m glad it ended on the highest note yet. And that NC thing? Brilliant. It must have been so satisfying…

  6. Chans said:

    2006 was life changing for me too, I finally got my own place too and got offered a permanent contract with my current employer. Anyway, Happy New Year, I hope 2007 is going to be a great year for you, in every way possible.

  7. Teresa said:

    First, Happy New Year Jem! Second, 2006 wasn’t anything interesting for me, it just felt like another year. Though at times it was emotional, it wasn’t really that life changing.

  8. HannaPai said:

    If somebody had told me last New Year what I will do this year. I would have said: “you’re talking about somebody else.” But this has been a good year (and slightly dramatic too for me). Happy New Year for you!

  9. Aimee said:

    Happy New Year, Jem! Although I’m sure it was trying at times, I’m glad 2006 brought about many good changes for you! I hope 2007 only does the same, if not better. :)

  10. Bex said:

    Happy New Year, Jem! I enjoyed reading about the revenge on NC immensley. Serves the buggers right. Here’s to a great 2007 *raises plastic Marvin the Martian cup*

  11. Precious said:

    Well, your 06 year seems pretty interesting compared to my 06. Hm, can’t even think of anything major that happened. Haha. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how in love I am with BellaBuffs. Honestly, I could marry it. Enth3 can go die.

  12. Amber said:

    I wish I could say that my 2006 had been as successful and as eventful as yours! I hope your 2007 is even better than the last. Happy New Year!

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