Bad Eating Habits

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I am developing — or rather, re-developing — bad eating habits.

In my old icky job my working hours were regimented. Coffee breaks were virtually timed to the second, and after stumbling up and down several flights of stairs all morning I’d worked off my lunch time calories before I’d even consumed them. Although I was mentally exhausted and basically depressed I was physically fitter than I had been since I was about 12.

However, I now spend all day sat on my arse (coding). I move to pee, and to make drinks (occasionally). I am free to have my coffee when I choose, lunch time is filled with grease-laden sarnies or fatty ready meals and I am doing bugger all exercise. There are frequently nibbles passed around and cake is now a staple part of my diet. I am more lethargic in the evenings and some of the weight I lost last year has crept back on (bum, hips, BOOBS). I am turning into a bit of a lard-arse in my old (haha) age.

My problem is that I’m not sure if I care. Sure, there are health aspects to consider, but I don’t see myself dropping dead of a heart attack (unless suddenly all copies of WanK’s A&A were to disappear off the Internet) any time soon and I’m happy munching down on chocolate all day. Who says that image is … — sorry, just getting the donut sugar off my fingers — … everything?

(I was just kidding about the donut part.)

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  1. Alyssa said:

    I am in a similar mind-set. I’ve gained about…thirty pounds in the last year, but I’ve a better self-image than I’ve ever had. I hardly fit into my clothes anymore, which is the only downside to the deal other than health risks, which I can’t really control much anyway due to genes. If you’re happy, that is all that matters.

  2. Hillarie said:

    I’ve only gained about five in the past year…but weight isn’t an issue for me. I’d say I’m average, not too skinny, not too large. But, then again, you’re not forced to get up and move across a school every forty-five to fifty minutes.

  3. Carly said:

    I’ve put on loads of weight since moving closer to home. I’d just like to look nicer generally to be honest, but overall I’m not too concerned. I want a donut!

  4. Banshee said:

    I’m in a similar situation myself, and I’ve actually just decided to turn vegetarian for a few months and see how that helps. But, like you.. I don’t really care that much, either. I’m not a huge potato or anything, but I still know that I can’t squeeze into those pants that I wore this time last year…

  5. Steven said:

    I’ve been sitting on my bum for a long time making my eyes go cross, pouring through code. I’m fat. I have to suck in or I can’t get into anything!

  6. Stephanie said:

    Wow. Frankly, this is a very ignorant way to look at your health. This isn’t about image or your waist size, it’s about your health. Health isn’t in the here and now, health is in the long run. You’re insane if you think that eating poorly and not moving won’t really affect you too much. Just because you won’t drop dead at 21 doesn’t mean you won’t at 40. I really don’t know what to say to this post, actually. I’m rather shocked, because I view you as an intelligent person. The fact that you disregard your health so flippantly really… bothers me. Huh.

  7. Stephanie said:

    I’m actually rather the opposite. I’ve lost about 10 pounds for almost no reason at all during the past year, nor do I really care. Health is probably your greatest concern, though your eating habits match those of many many other people out there, and all of them seem to be okay. Probably the one thing that all of them are lacking is discipline. But then again, sweets rule!

  8. Angela said:

    Meh, if your happy and healthy thats all that matters really. I’m reaching that unhappy point with my weight so I’m gonna start working on it.

  9. Jessica said:

    I’m classified as a little more to love on those dating sites. The thing is the health problems I have now I had when I was thin. Granted they haven’t improved but no matter what I do the weight will not come off. So I gave up trying to be cautious. If I don’t think about loosing the weight I don’t stress and I actually loose it. I say be happy & healthly no matter what you weigh. You just have a problem if your size isn’t in the store anymore.

  10. Amber said:

    I wish I shared your opinion on that. I’m far too self concious about what my weight is and what I eat, to the point where I hate eating around other people. But the odd donut isn’t going to kill you, and as your eating it all in moderation – I doubt that there will be any serious health consequences of having a bit of cake now and again while you’re working. :P

  11. Adastra said:

    I’m in pretty much the same situation, except that I don’t move to make drinks because all I drink is water. Everyone else at work drinks coffee, but I never drink coffee. In my lunch break I go either to bakeries and get a cheese croissant or some chocolate covered stuff, or I go to the supermarket and buy some sweets. When I’m home at night I cook unhealthy things, most of them are either noodles, something with lots of cheese (also applies to noodles) or something with lots of fat. I don’t really gain weight though.

  12. Daz said:

    I’m in exactly the same position, and have been for the last 18 months. I didn’t care. But recently I’ve noticed that my chin is going fat. Fuckery! This *has* kicked me into gear and I’m trying to change things. At lunchtime I’ve started going for long walks (well, twice), and I sometimes have a salad for lunch. (One had cous-cous. Eugh.) I know it’s not much, but it’s a start. I’m also going to buy a bike to do after-work exercise (not sure how it will effect/help my chin). The fat weezing guy at work also scares me. I don’t want to turn into him.

  13. Jem said:

    @Stephanie: You took the entry far too seriously! It’s not like I weigh 300lbs and sit on my arse eating cake non-stop. The entry was supposed to be amusing – I’d have thought that would have been obvious with the references to scripts, the donut, etc. I’m about 15-20lbs overweight for my height, I drink too much coffee and don’t get enough exercise.. but I also have a check-up at the doctors every three months (blood pressure, weight, etc) when I have my depo jab and they’ve never expressed concern. I’d rather eat shit and die young than live on lettuce leaves and die depressed, miserable and bony. :P

  14. Mumblies said:

    Personally i hear of far too many young girls that starve themselves to death just to conform to society’s so called “perfect image” Why worry about it Jem, if you are happy with yourself as you are, and Karl isn’t complaining about it? You could always bonk it off you know *wink* they say that’s good excersise hehe

  15. Melissa said:

    Meh, if your happy and healthy thats all that matters really. I agree with, Angela. ^_^ That’s what I think too. And sometimes you just can’t force yourself to “eat lettuce leaves” like you said above, hehe. Why torture yourself with food you don’t like! Food isn’t the enemy anyway, it’s metabolism! Grrrrr @ metabolism. :P

  16. HannaPai said:

    Well I bought just two litres of cream ice cream… (I’m not going to eat everything tonight). I agree with Cowell. And I have heard this wild rumour that eating keeps you alive. As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s no problem.

  17. Nan said:

    Well eating unhealthy when sitting at front of the screen is easier than controlling “l33t” stuff like a salad with fork and dressing over the keyboard. I drink unbelievable amounts while sitting there. Your mum is the sweetest and coolest mum I have ever seen on the internet. I hope I turn out to be a mother like her. (Even if she spanked you sometimes)

  18. Jamie said:

    You know what is horrible.. when you realize your bad eating habits/weight gain and make a conscious choice to fix it by eating healthier (eating almost no junk food, drinking no pop or anything just water and juice etc) and exercising daily (1.5-3 miles of walking or running per day) and seeing ZERO results.

  19. Rachael said:

    You could always follow the diet that me and my girlfriend have come up with… Eat pizza and cake… and just have lots and lots of sex to make up for it. I’m sure Karl wouldn’t mind…

  20. Arwen said:

    I’m personally not too concerned with my size, either. I exercise every so often, but I do eat a lot of junk and I am sedentary most of the time. I realized it was time for me to start getting in shape when someone asked me once if I was pregnant.

  21. Nellie said:

    To echo what Jamie said, I’ve been on a diet for about a month and a half now and I exercise twice as much as what I used to, but I’m not seeing any point to it. No weight loss, no feeling more energised etc. I’d be better off on my butt in front of the computer all day with a bottle of Coke, a king sized block of chocolate and a grilled cheese sandwich or three. And some greasy Yorkshire Pudding. AND… no, any more talk of real food is going to drive me insane. I don’t see any problem with eating junk food as long as you’re happy with yourself and don’t weigh something crazy. Some people don’t understand that frame of mind though.

  22. Carly said:

    I just ate a whole tub of soup that was meant to serve two people, which I added about two portions of croutons too, as well. Ick… I now have a craving for chocolate!

  23. King Echo said:

    Eh, you know it’s easier to get rid of it when there’s a little than when there’s a lot : P I personally find the world to be sincerely unfair. I wish I could just say, ‘Oh well’ to not being fit, but it doesn’t work for me. I have too many food sensitivities and too fickle a body. In order to function in society I have to work out regularly (five days a week regularly) and eat well. At least it keeps me lookin ‘hot’ : P

  24. Sara said:

    Wow! For a ‘silly’ post, ya’ll are takin’ it a bit seriously! I worry about my weight, heath, and image, because looks DO matter. But, what makes me different is the fact that looks aren’t the ONLY thing that matters. I just don’t let them consume my life. That would SUCK! :p

  25. Bekki said:

    This is me during the winter months – I sit, eat, sleep and the other word. Though I’m not eating cake and fatty foods per se, I don’t eat nearly the way that ‘health nuts’ would. This is if I even eat at all during the day.

  26. Denise said:

    Lol, I’ve been doing that, but then I had my kid and it wasn’t the same, for some strange reason I started weighing more than when I was pregnant, good reason to stop uh!? So I did, I’m back to normal weight thank God. I mean I used to work more than 14 hours, I guess it’s a great excuse to eat lots of sugars and coffee, I was looking at it from the bright side, at least I got bigger boobs lol

  27. Hev said:

    Jem, I have been skinny (150 pounds) and I am currently 358 pounds. My health is much better now. I am also big boned and my structure is not made to handle a small amount of body fat. My doctor is quite pleased with my health at the moment. I am prefectly healthy (according to him). So the way I see it if people can not accept the fact that I am a “normal” woman then I don’t want anything to do with them. If you get down to the simple fact there are more “overweight” people then there are “normal” weight people. Your body will tell you when it has had enough. Mine does. If it doesn’t bother you (or Karl maybe) then go ahead andenjoy yourself.

  28. Ashley said:

    I don’t really see any harm in what you’re doing. I’m going through a similar thing. The way I look at it- we’re all gonna die eventually, and I’m not going to die tomorrow from eating a cheeseburger today (or donut, or candy, etc.). Sometimes you just gotta eat junk food. And I agree also with what you said about being skinny and miserable. God, if you’re going to die miserable, bony, and depressed might as well just die then. Or….bonk it off. :D Way to go!

  29. Julian said:

    i think that it really doesnt matter if ur big or skinny im like average for my size and i dont care wat ppl think of me i eat wat i like to eat i dont eat all tht nasty stf like peas and carrots i think im gonna die somtime i should do wat i wanna do cuz life is short and if i spend my life doin wat i dont wanna do thn its a waste… ~_~