Isabel’s First Birthday

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Isabel turned 1 on Sunday. Crazy to think it has been a year since my world was turned upside down by a warm pink bundle of goo. It makes me all broody for more babies just thinking about it :D Anyway, to celebrate her birthday… read full entry →

Why I Chose WordPress

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I have had a somewhat infamous love-hate relationship with WordPress over the years. Although I was virtually an early adopter of the CMS, I have found myself using and dropping it in direct relation to the stability of the admin panel. However, WP development now… read full entry →

Side Accordion Menu in Mootools

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A recent project involving a request for an ‘accordion’ style content box allowing multiple blocks of copy to occupy the same space (I assume to give a less wordy impression to users while retaining ‘searchability’ in Google) has led me down a mootools-based route… having… read full entry →

Unexpected Feelings, Work, etc

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Today I returned to work. Walking out of the door this morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life; I felt like I was abandoning my daughter. Of course, I wasn’t… and she enjoyed her day with her Nannies… read full entry →

So much for tumblelogging…

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Aye aye aye. I go on and on about why I love Habari and how it’s going to make tumblelogging much easier, finally make it work and then… oh, don’t use it. Now beginning to think I prefer the idea of a lifestream type social… read full entry →

Your Questions Answered, Part Two

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Ben asked: what was the very first thing that you did which got you into web development? Neopets. Hahahaha. Yes, sad but true. I wanted as many trophies as I could get for my user lookup, and one of them was the pet page thing…… read full entry →

Your Questions Answered, Part One

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So. You know you have a big case of the lazies when you procrastinate over the original procrastination thingy. Now I’m here avoiding some JavaScript which is currently eating my brains. Vera asked: When’s the next Pants Award due? When I find a suitable site… read full entry →

Ask Me a Question

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I’m procrastinating taking a break from studying… so ask me a question. Deep and meaningful, personal, web-related, whatever. Go! I’ll answer them in a post or two over the next few days (depending on how many I get)

Confessions of a Bad Parent #1

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Today I bribed Isabel with a Dorrito to stop her eating cat food off the kitchen floor.

On the Divisive Issues of Parenting

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Naomi, in response to a question on why women trouble themselves with debate on divisive parenting issues: […] keeping women occupied with relatively trivial parenting matters which our ancestors didn’t think twice about means we don’t have time or energy to recognise our true status… read full entry →

First PHP Game

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Remember when I talked about wanting to code some PHP games? (Yes, it was in 2008, what’s your point?) Well I finally managed to fit one in to my busy schedule last week, whilst avoiding studying for my current OU module. Ignoring the fact that… read full entry →

If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

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So with Isabel’s nursing strike we’ve all obviously been on tenterhooks lately. Thankfully this seems to be coming to an end… after having a good rant on t’interwebs during a bad morning on Tuesday I threw her up in the sling and started to dance… read full entry →