If you thought the cake was epic

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…you should see her actual birthday present:

very hungry caterpillar

It’s 1.2m long. Teehee.

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  1. Amanda said:

    Very cute! The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s one of those timeless classics I think…I loved it, and will be passing the love onto my own kids one day.

  2. Claire said:

    My houndies would love a Capilly – they’ve already adopted (read: stolen) 3 novelty draught excluders – a 1.2m long cuddly toy sounds right up their street! XD

  3. Mumblies said:

    She loves him/her too, when she throws herself face down onto it and "Ahhh" loves it up it make me laugh bless her.
    I think you picked the perfect present for her birthday. :)

  4. Shannon said:

    That’s adorable! Saving time by not commenting on both this and the cake entry (which I also liked).

    It’s going to be weird when, eventually, there’ll be kids who DON’T have memories of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.