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Why I Chose WordPress

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I have had a somewhat infamous love-hate relationship with WordPress over the years. Although I was virtually an early adopter of the CMS, I have found myself using and dropping it in direct relation to the stability of the admin panel. However, WP development now takes up a significant portion of my workload and it was therefore a logical decision to get intimate with it for my geeky blog.

The advantages over my normal blog engine of choice (Habari) are as follows:

  • Easy upgrades for both the core and plugins
  • Easier to extend and adjust (this is not a criticism of Habari which is as extendible as WordPress, rather a reflection on my ability based on the age of WP’s base code… yes, I am old skool)
  • Can drop widgets and plugins in without having to worry about coding them myself; this is largely because of…
  • …a larger user base (beneficial with support queries and ready-to-roll code)

Of course, the advantage for you guys (a large proportion of whom use WP yourselves) is that I’ll be able to get down and dirty with WordPress, sharing hints and snippets in the process.

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