Pants: is a typical teenage personal website. Small text — barely different in colour from the background, mangled iframes given extreme heights to try and prevent extra scrollbars, indistinguishable links and the insane assumption that being able to scrape together a website gives you the right and/or ability to publish shitty tutorials. Before we even… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Sami Site URL: First impression: too much text. I like reading websites — they’re quite interesting — I don’t like being chucked in at the deep end though. An introduction should be a few sentences maximum, preferably with a few keywords nicely highlighted for me to pick up as I scan. If these… read more →


The last time I mentioned Micro Mart on my blog was when I was ranting about their habit of “educating” their readers with a poor standard of coding. My letter, as predicted by the majority of us, was not published or replied to. It did help me get that ‘moment’ off my chest though, heh.… read more →

Jemjabella ‘Branding’

For a long time now I’ve wanted to make some sort of consistent image for A logo or type of branding that is instantly recognisable — much like the Coca-Cola™ bottles or the Nike ‘tick’. The problem with this is finding something that fits the site, that I actually like, and that I can… read more →


It’s that time again — I’m dishing out another pants award. This time it’s which, according to their meta description, will “Teach you step-by-step with easy simple php code”. Simple is the right word — completely basic, with no attempt at security what-so-ever, leaving anybody who uses some of the tutorials at great risk… read more →

New month, new look

I decided not to take part in the CSS Reboot this year because I figured I a) wouldn’t have the inspiration and b) wouldn’t have the time to get a new layout up. I also figured I’d still be able to entertain myself playing with my rainbow navigation. However, when going over the photos from… read more →

Trendy Active CSS Tabs

You know how CSS navigation is all the rage, and that some people are going as far as having the current tab a different colour or style so that people know what page they’re on? Well, it’s easier to achieve than you think. No fiddling with JavaScript, no messing with multiple header includes so you… read more →

And Another Review:

When I decide to do an unrequested review, even if the site has been suggested to me by someone else, I have to personally find something irritating on the site before I’ll even consider ranting about it. It can be anything that sets me off — bad coding, useless content or an annoying webmaster. So,… read more →

Unrequested review of

Reviewed: Nile Site URL: Aw, look, it’s that cute panda thing! I think the company behind the TarePanda™ character (San-x I believe?) must be really generous to give so many people on the web permission to use their images. Unless of course you’re breaking the law and using images you have no rights over?… read more →