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 |  Interwebs, The Pants Awards

Pants: is a typical teenage personal website. Small text — barely different in colour from the background, mangled iframes given extreme heights to try and prevent extra scrollbars, indistinguishable links and the insane assumption that being able to scrape together a website gives you the…

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Review of

Reviewed: Sami Site URL: First impression: too much text. I like reading websites — they’re quite interesting — I don’t like being chucked in at the deep end though. An introduction should be a few sentences maximum, preferably with a few keywords nicely highlighted…

 |  Interwebs

Jemjabella ‘Branding’

For a long time now I’ve wanted to make some sort of consistent image for A logo or type of branding that is instantly recognisable — much like the Coca-Cola™ bottles or the Nike ‘tick’. The problem with this is finding something that fits…

 |  Interwebs, The Pants Awards


It’s that time again — I’m dishing out another pants award. This time it’s which, according to their meta description, will “Teach you step-by-step with easy simple php code”. Simple is the right word — completely basic, with no attempt at security what-so-ever, leaving…

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New month, new look

I decided not to take part in the CSS Reboot this year because I figured I a) wouldn’t have the inspiration and b) wouldn’t have the time to get a new layout up. I also figured I’d still be able to entertain myself playing with…

 |  Interwebs

Trendy Active CSS Tabs

You know how CSS navigation is all the rage, and that some people are going as far as having the current tab a different colour or style so that people know what page they’re on? Well, it’s easier to achieve than you think. No fiddling…

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