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Not Naked Anymore

 |  Interwebs

As you can probably tell, I’m not naked any more. In fact, as it’s a new month there’s even a new header image to feast your eyes on.

Naked CSS Day was quite revealing for me (no pun intended). As I browsed around my website I noticed gaps in the structure, and places where content just ran into other content with no logical order or sense. I’ve tried to make changes to fix this, including more appropriate headers (I hope), a horizontal rule to separate the content from the sidebar (hidden when CSS is enabled); my welcome message is now where it should be — at the top of the index page, and comments are now a little more semantically correct (although I’ve not finished fiddling).

Overall, I think it’s done me a favour, as well as improving the browsing experience for the 264 (average) visitors a month I get using text-only or mobile phone browsers. Alright, that’s only about 0.53% of my total hits, but those people are still important. If nothing else, it’s given me something to do on my day off…

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17 comments so far

  1. Amber said:

    ‘Fraid to say I didn’t participate yesterday, but found the concept intriguing so I viewed my site without a stylesheet in firefox.. not bad, but not exceptionally good either. Do you mean the header image has gone because I’m not seeing an image..?

  2. Vera said:

    Hmm.. it’s certainly different, though I can’t help but feel the header is washed out a bit. Maybe up the contrast/brightness a bit. Otherwise I LOVE the photo. Though now that you mentioned things, I guess I’ll be doing this next year. Was wondering who would be interested in using text-only browsers (didn’t really know how mobile phones displayed web pages). Insightful, really.

  3. Chelsea said:

    The site looks fabulous. :) I agree that you can learn a lot about a website and how it’s run if you disable CSS, like you said – it’s “revealing.”

  4. Fel said:

    Pretty new layout. ^_^ I really like the simplicity in your works. And congrats for having a day off! It’s nice to have some of those from time to time.

  5. Shannon said:

    Ah, I viewed my own site without CSS too, but I didn’t participate in the actual event. But I found out some interesting things… Ha, your new header-images reminds me of my friend’s style of header-images. She does about the same thing, too.

  6. Vera said:

    oh… sorry, my mistake. I generally assoiate ‘yellowed with age’ a borwnish torn scroll… -.- (ok so I AM obsessed with Harry Potter… but so are lots of people) :P But as per usual, I really like your layout.

  7. Sonya said:

    Oh, lovely. I do think you could change the main background colour to a gold or brown, mustard-y colour, and the “Top of Page” link down there *points to bottom of page* could have its background changed too, just to keep the whole autumn theme consistent (it just reminds me of autumn). Lovely work otherwise.

  8. Jordie said:

    Might I make a small suggestion? I like your welcome message, but at a glance it would seem like part of the most recent blog entry. It would be better to make it stand out a little more. Maybe you could give the welcome paragraph a different colour background? If you are going for an aged look, you might consider some grunge brushes. I have not seen you use any sort of brush before, but I am very fond of the ones at, and I use them when I am aiming for the aged effect.

  9. Jem said:

    The day I use brushes on my personal site is the day I throw myself off the nearest cliff. I agree about the welcome thing though

  10. Anna said:

    You could probably use one of the softer colours in the header for the welcome-message’s background? Or maybe just a lighter shade of the pale blue. Like the aged effect a lot btw – wish I could use nature photographs for my site layout right now, it’s so much more handy than kind-of-not-so-good-quality screencaps (but it’s a fan site, so no can do).

  11. Shaun said:

    I love the new look. I think your header looks great. It kind of blends in with your brownish background but it also sort of pops in a way too. Great job. :)

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