You’d think the fact that I wrote a scathing 3000+ word review of Pixelfx.org would be enough to express my general distaste for the “quality” of the tutorials featured there, but it’s just not enough. I’m going to repeat myself until I get the point across.. or at least until a few people tell me… read more →

Not Naked Anymore

As you can probably tell, I’m not naked any more. In fact, as it’s a new month there’s even a new header image to feast your eyes on. Naked CSS Day was quite revealing for me (no pun intended). As I browsed around my website I noticed gaps in the structure, and places where content… read more →

First Annual Naked Website Day

My website is taking part in the First Annual Naked Website Day — intended to demonstrate the value of writing semantic HTML and separating content from presentation. (Quote from Gemma of Helical-Library.net who is also taking part in the Annual Naked Day.) Basically, what you see is what somebody using a text-only browser would see… read more →

Freebie WordPress Themes

You know how I’m just so generous and lovely and awesome? Well, because of these wonderful traits of mine I’ve added some free WordPress themes. Only two at the moment, but I’ll gradually add to the collection. If anybody wants to see one of my old layouts made into a WP theme, let me know… read more →

New Entry Category: Pants

Blogging twice in one day? What is the world coming to? Yes, that means there’s a post below this one. Don’t forget to read it and comment on that one too. :P Anyway, back on topic — I have a new category! For those of you who couldn’t immediately guess, my new category is called… read more →

Unrequested review of fallen-rose.com

Reviewed: Kayla Site URL: fallen-rose.com 10 seconds.. 25 seconds.. 40 seconds.. 1 minute 20 seconds.. For crying out loud! I’ve been on your website almost two minutes now and your top image hasn’t loaded. I’d keep counting but I’ve forgot where I got to. And your top image is STILL loading, even after typing this.… read more →

PHP Classes

To celebrate the success of writing my very own, first ever PHP class I’ve been re-writing the backend of the site. It probably means nothing to you guys, but basically means things should be a bit quicker, a little more “optimised”. I’ve also decided to rejig how the site is laid out too — things… read more →

Review of band-o.org

Reviewed: Kathleen Site URL: band-o.org I seem to be reviewing the skin “RockyBliss”. My first impression involves the word “cack” so I’m not sure if I should continue. The background colour, while obviously selected from the top photograph, is tediously plain and doesn’t compliment your layout like it should. A pattern, or anything to break… read more →

Unrequested review of pixelfx.org

Reviewed: No idea, didn’t bother to find out. Site URL: pixelfx.org Generally I only direct my unrequested reviews at other review sites of poor quality — a taste of their own medicine. However, having seen pixelfx.org mentioned about 6 times today I’m getting more and more infuriated at the amount of people relying on the… read more →