Ah, I had one of those moments yesterday where I visited a website and it just screamed “review me”. About 9 hours later and I finally think I’ve finished. That is, unless I decide to “have a moment” and add to it. I won’t post the entire review in this post as that would a)… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Vixx Site URL: I’m reviewing your default layout. It’s hard to sum up a first impression when I see a site at least three-four times daily to check to see if there’s any new weblog updates. You must be doing something right to keep me coming back so regularly though. There’s something so… read more →

On Copyright Violation

It annoys me when I browse the Internet and see teen “web designers” in various forums complaining that they’ve had various “blends” or supposed “original artwork” stolen from them. Said artwork usually contains a sloppily edited celebrity photograph, a few dodgy Photoshop™ brushes or textures, with a few illegally downloaded (yet usually expensive) fonts chucked… read more →

NaNoWriMo 2005

I was going to take part in the 2005 National Novel Writing Month but dropped out a week into November after realising I had far too much on (what with job apps, etc.) and yet have still been receiving the NaNoWriMo e-mails: I’m too lazy to untick a box on the appropriate page. Anyway, I… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Brenda Site URL: A splash page. If you listen hard enough you might hear me grumble! Seriously though, I’ve seen your reasons for keeping the splash page and I would say they’re pretty reasonable. The size of the splash page isn’t though. Approximately 100Kb for an image that a user will look at… read more →

Professionalism Sucks

Since I discovered the Internet my main aim in life was to become the world’s greatest designer/developer. I taught myself HTML, CSS and then when I realised there was a newer, better mark-up language (XHTML): I taught myself that too. I delved in to PHP and dabbled with JavaScript; have looked into Perl and I’m… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Manon Site URL: My first impressions are somewhat mixed. While I like the main image and was pleased to see it loading quickly even on my dial-up, I am not so sure about the green links. Don’t get me wrong, red and green could probably be a good combination, but that particular shade… read more →

Internet-y Stuff

Thank you for the compliments on the slightly edited version of the layout. There’s a few bugs I need to fix (as you can see, I changed the font) but I’m waiting for my ‘owed’ reviews first so I can do everything at once and not miss anything. If you get bored, feel free to… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Sydney Site URL: Ouch. An automatic redirect. I’d not noticed that before but due to a drop of lag I saw the holding page for a few seconds — not good. If you’re using a <meta /> redirect — don’t. These can badly affect your search engine ranking because they’re commonly used by… read more →