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First Annual Naked Website Day

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My website is taking part in the First Annual Naked Website Dayintended to demonstrate the value of writing semantic HTML and separating content from presentation. (Quote from Gemma of who is also taking part in the Annual Naked Day.) Basically, what you see is what somebody using a text-only browser would see (almost).

If nothing else, it should hopefully show me where I’m going wrong structurally — such as my welcome message all the way down the bottom (seems somewhat redundant down there).

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

23 comments so far

  1. Becky said:

    I’m doing it too! What I find sad is that a lot of people don’t get it. I posted it on three seperate forums and out of them all only a very small handful of people got what it was about. I even got into an arguement with a girl who (and I quote) said this: — That defeats the purpose of web/graphic design altogether. My site is about my writing and artwork, mainly. Without pictures, it’s just some essays and a blog. It’s the proper way to specify style characteristics. That way, when you make a table, for example, you don’t have to specify the colour, the style, etc. of it every time. Whenever you want to make that same box, CSS comes in handy. You define it all in the CSS rather than all throughout your coding. — That was her reason for not liking the idea and not doing it. Far too many people have missed the point entirely. Just read the Digg comments on it.

  2. Vera said:

    You have serious courage… I’ve been thinking about this… but just gave things up. It reminds me too much of the beginnings *shudders* you WILL most probably pesuade me (if not consciously) otherwise, but I prefer my stylesheet the way it is -.-

  3. Gemma said:

    Yes, some people seem to have misinterpreted the Naked Day as being *against* CSS. It’s not saying that CSS is a bad thing and that a site should look *designed* with CSS disabled. It’s saying that CSS is a *good* thing and that a site should be *logically structured* (and nothing else) with CSS disabled.

  4. Amelie said:

    Ooh, I almost went to see if I’d left my stylesheets turned off… Brilliant, I’m going to do it too. :D …when I first saw the blog title (I have you RSS’d so I see the title of your posts before the site itself) I thought you were going to be promoting a lack of clothing. Heehee… *Goes off to strip website off*

  5. bliss said:

    After I saw Gemma do it, I wanted to do it too, but this entire week has been too hectic for me to even sit down at a computer (except now, obviously, but it’s a bit late)!

  6. Seven said:

    Ha, I refreshed the page like five times because I thought your stylesheet wasn’t kicking in, until I got the bright idea to actually read. This is a fantastic idea though. I would have tried it if I hadn’t spent 4 hours this morning adding to my layout.

  7. Malin said:

    I would also participate, mainly because I would see if there were anything wrong with the structure, havenät had the time though ;).

  8. Jem said:

    I like my site the way it is. This isn’t a design.. it’s a demonstration on the benefits of structural/semantic XHTML.

  9. McKenna said:

    AW! I missed it! XD Goodness…that IS bravery! I could *never* part with my CSS! I obsess over it…that’s my favorite part about making a new layout. :P

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