More Claims to Fame

A couple of my spring pictures have been ‘featured’ on the website of a local newspaper (“Jem of Jackfield”; that has a nice ring to it) after I spotted them accepting Spring picture submissions. This coincides nicely with me re-adding some of my pictures to the ‘net; I am hoping to re-add some of my… read more →


It’s never occurred to me that people actually use Funky Chickens as a valid resource for learning HTML. In fact, even after it was nominated for one of my infamous reviews (on several occasions) it wasn’t until I saw it linked alongside tutorialtastic as a valid place to learn code that I thought .. “eh?… read more →

I Need Ideas

If you were to sum up in one word (positive or negative), what would it be? Also, how would you represent that in a design (either in a series of shapes or an image perhaps)? Alright! I admit this is not some sort of social-impact exercise and I’m not trying to discover how my… read more →


In a way, I feel sorry for the owner of (“Jessica”). Of all the “crap site” nominations I receive, swimchick tops the list. It is also one of the most searched for terms by people looking through my reviews/previous pants awards. In fact, feedback on swimchick is so much in demand I feel I’m… read more →

Unrequested review of

Reviewed: no idea Site URL: I was tempted to name this review “how not to do a tutorial site”, but I don’t want to break with tradition. On one hand my super spider-sense says that I’m about to commit a major faux pas by reviewing you because you’re only 13, but hey — if… read more →

Five Reasons why I won’t Return to your Website

(note: bear with the layout, I’m just bored & fiddling..) ..because my patience is getting shorter and I cannot seem to find any decent websites or blogs of late. Starting from least annoying, moving on to most annoying (obviously). 5. You have nothing worth coming back for. Such an obvious answer. The issue here is… read more →

Review of 3till7net (2)

Reviewed: Sarah Site URL: I’m having difficulty starting this review. Most reviews I start off with a quick summary of my first impression of a website — it’s hard to do that when you’ve been visiting a website for years. Your new layout is not my favourite. I think the swirly zigzag pattern is… read more →

Use code Not textarea

Take a quick look at a handful of teen tutorial websites and you will notice a recurring trend: code is distributed through a multitude of <textarea>s. While these are often coloured, in an attempt at creating some sort of consistent colour scheme, it is rare that the site owner has made an effort to resize… read more →

New Site Review

For the first time in about a year, I’ve had a new review done by Rhiannon of PetShopGirl’s Reviews. Have a read, it’s good! Feel free to expand on any ideas that have been suggested. I wouldn’t mind some suggestions for other reviewers/reviewing websites too — it’s been ages since I’ve had site reviews done.… read more →