Useful (cool) icon finding site

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to find some obscure UK debit card icon, or a certain size of twitter icon (whatever) for work… I have an Icons folder for saving sets that I probably wouldn’t be able to find easily again: (Like my desktop wallpaper? It’s from vladstudio) And yet all… read more →

End of an Era, a New Beginning

Tutorialtastic is closing today. Closing, gone. After 8 years of hardy service to you, the blogger, the developer, the web hobbyist. Don’t cry, my sweets, for where one door closes another duly opens… It has taken nearly THREE years to get to this point (albeit delayed due to pregnancy, sickness, babies, life, work, etc). Three… read more →

Favourite Layouts in July

After posting about my favourite layouts in June I figured this is something I could keep doing! And so here we are, my favourite layouts this month… Rainbow Stuff Ashley has added a personal touch with her cartoon representations of herself, husband (I think!), and cats. Skylish I love the splash navigation detail in this… read more →

OMG Ninjas in my Layout!

So, here it is, finally all coded up and polished and pretty. My shiny new layout, which is totally awesome and 99% down to Ms Bloody Awesome Lilian. Yes, I have given her new names. I say 99% because I tweaked the titles and made them not-italic because I have secret feelings of dread when… read more →

Favourite Layouts in June

Towards the end of 2009 it seemed like I was seeing the same premade WordPress themes over and over and over again. Bloggers were too bored / busy to create something fresh and new? Who knows. It was pants, though (from a visitor perspective) and didn’t do much to inspire me to make over my… read more →

Insert Bee Related Pun Here

One of the million things I’ve been trying to fit around Isabel’s naps, hospital, dentist appointments, vaccinations and heaven knows what else I’m forgetting lately is the quilting bee. Again. The winning layout from a contest we held last year has finally been coded up: …and so we’re having a “House Swarming Party” to celebrate… read more →

Made this weeks ago

Got bored a few weeks ago so put this together. Have nothing deep and meaningful to say about it, which is lucky because typing one-handed takes forever. :p Mind you, I can’t remember the last time I had two hands free for typing. With that said, I’ve not tested it in anything other than Firefox… read more →

Review of

I am in the unfortunate position of being due to give birth today, and yet have had not so much as a twinge. This means today will undoubtedly drag, and I have to find some way of occupying my time. Rather than do something constructive — such as responding to the increasing backlog of emails… read more →

6 Dollar Layout

After much nagging and one amusing — and wholly accurate — unrequested review I finally decided to get off my arse and finish changing my layout, something that has been on the cards for months. However, failed design after failed design led to much frustration. In my weakened, feeble state I decided that spending hours… read more →