New Sexy GIMP Layout

To celebrate my move to a superior operating system (too early for the fangirling?) I hereby release my latest layout. It’s got blue, it’s got ninjas, it’s got icons, a gradient, syndicated feeds… it must be some sort of web 2.0 mish-mash hodge-podge?! I’m trying out some new things with this latest creation. For starters,… read more →

On the Contrary

There was a thread from a lame-o myspace forum that popped up in the referrals (nearly 300 members now btw). Apparently, we all suck because one or two of us like Diane’s layout (that big one I linked the other day). Apparently, only plain layouts are trendy in our world and it’s all because… read more →

Reversed Out?

I can’t decide now whether to keep my layout as it is, or have it reversed out. Welcome all feedback, unless it’s “you suck, stop fucking about in photoshop dumbass”. :P… read more →

I want your layout

I have been thinking about redesigning and redeveloping my blog to make it more… bloggy. Kind of like a cross between kottke and Diaua!com. Do you think they’d mind if I took their layouts and mashed them in to one? Edit: I was thinking something a bit like this… it occurs to me that I… read more →

I Like Mine Blue, thanks

Ooh, looky here! A shiny new layout with coolies rounded corners. How web 2.0 am I, eh? :D In all truth, it’s amazing what not having a website can do to you. It makes you productive. Funny that. I coded, I designed, I even washed the dishes that had been sat on the side since… read more →

Pants: Digital Sugar Designs

When you tell the world that you have “7 years of experience in the field“, it helps if you show that so-called experience off. And no, blurring a few dodgy photographs so that the subject looks like they’re being melted under a 500W halogen lamp does not count as experience in the field. Only in… read more →

Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m sat here digging through my old folders in a desperate attempt to find a half-finished layout or two that would be decent enough to give my website a fresh look without appearing obviously dated, and what should I happen across but a bunch of old layouts from my various sites. Some of these date… read more →

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Zebra Striping as Covered by ALA

Online magazine A List Apart has just published an article “Zebra Striping: Does it Really Help?“. As I can’t be arsed to re-write my thoughts in a logical and structured manner, I’ll just copy and paste what I put into the q*bee IRC channel: [19:45] <Jem> I’ve just read an article on ALA about ‘zebra… read more →


A bit of backstory: Ashley sent out an e-mail t’other morning to all of those who’d been waiting for a review at Timebomb Reviews announcing the re-opening of the site. (A counter-flounce?) I’m not sure what she set out to achieve by copying me in but it gave me the opportunity to offer those from… read more →