Pants: Ticking Timebomb

I was hoping that I could start this Pants Award with my very own review from Ticking Timebomb. It’s one of those tweeny review sites that pop-up from time to time, but ultimately disappear because the standard of reviewing is piss poor and nobody actually reads them [the reviews]. Unfortunately, she refused to review me… read more →

Your Website is Letting You Down

With Karl and I in the process of moving house, I have decided to indulge a little in one of my few obsessions: clocks. Since I was younger I have had this unexplainable need to know the time, and to have access to an accurate timepiece. I check my watch even if I already know… read more →

Rockin’ It Old School!

In an attempt to suppress the incessant need to spawn new layouts, as mentioned in my last post, I have decided to hell with it.. I’ll simply fall on to Phil’s advice and bring back a style-switcher and several older layouts along with it. This idea was easier said than done, as I discovered the… read more →

Grass is Always Greener

I’ve just seen Melissa’s hot new layout, which utilises so many of my favourite web design ‘touches’, it makes me pine for a grey on white text design. Of course, if I were to do that, I’d be missing my white on grey design before the month is out. :( Is there such a thing… read more →


Warning: Killinginthename is infected with a Trojan. Please ensure your virus software is up to date if you choose to visit that website. Note that the trojan seems to be referenced via JavaScript, therefore any NoScript Firefox extension users can safely browse the site. It’s been a while since I’ve done a review or proper… read more →


I have finally got of my butt and updated tutorialtastic. I mean, it’s only taken about 6 months and all. The new layout is very deliberately web 2.0. Stripes, gradients, little pixel icons.. you name it, it’s in there! I’ve not even finished yet, but if I don’t get it uploaded it’ll be one of… read more →

Two Web Naughties I Secretly Love

No, I’m not talking about pr0n, but web design habits that fly in the face of accessibility, good design or just plain old common sense. I have a secret love for quite a few of these ‘naughties’ and while I probably won’t ever use/go back to them myself, I smile a secret smile when I… read more →

Actually, Include the 404

While doing some random surfing, in between mocking up a potential new disaster (layout) in Photoshop, and whilst avoiding the washing up/ignoring the oven (oh shit my flat is on fire) I found a post at about Creating User Friendly 404s. The post is not terribly old and does include some relevant and interesting… read more →