End of an Era, a New Beginning

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Tutorialtastic is closing today. Closing, gone. After 8 years of hardy service to you, the blogger, the developer, the web hobbyist.

Don’t cry, my sweets, for where one door closes another duly opens…

It has taken nearly THREE years to get to this point (albeit delayed due to pregnancy, sickness, babies, life, work, etc). Three years of “keep this? no”, “reword this? yes”, updating links, tweaking text, changing themes, poking PHP. Three years to bring together a mish mash — a collaboration — of two of the best geek-oriented websites in our circle of the blogosphere.

Tutorialtastic meets CodeGrrl. POW! GirlsWhoGeek is born.

Let me know what you think, folks :)

Jem Turner jem@jemjabella.co.uk +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Jordan said:

    I ~love~ the domain name. Heck, I even wonder why I couldn’t come up with a name like that for a female-orientated project a few months back!

    Definitely bookmarking and looking forward to the new project! :)

  2. Meggan said:

    Oh, I PANICKED at the first part, but was relieved to read the rest of the entry. I love sending people to tutorialtastic for help. Glad to see it will live on as Girls who geek. Looks good!

  3. Amanda said:

    The new site looks awesome. Going to have to bookmark this one for sure. Just scanning through, there is so much information there already. :D

  4. The Dame said:

    Excellent! Ive just built my own WordPress site and had to fiddle with the css of which I know none so these tutorials will be invaluable as I simply LOVE to create sites.

    Ive also added a link to the site to my web links post I do every Friday :)

  5. Ren said:

    Hi Jem,

    The new site looks awesome! I may visit often since I want to enhance my knowledge in Php and I would love to contribute if I have the time. Maybe on my summer break perhaps and join the forum too. :D

  6. Charlie said:

    Tutorialtastic helped me with html so I’ve no doubts GWG will on the PHP front. Glad that the initial sad news turned into something good :)

  7. Audrey said:

    This just makes sense. You’re both talented and busy, but together you can bring life to these sites as a unified locale. Awesome!

  8. Ben said:

    Girls who Geek? A bit sexist don’t you think?! On other hand, glad you finally got this up – look forward for more to come. :)

  9. Mumblies said:

    It looks fine to me, although I freely admit to being a complete numpty with all things techified. One teensy thing… the front page has a section on “What’s my absolute path” – some technical gubbins has leaked a tiny bit out of the box (or it appears to be on my screen using FF)

    It could do with a bit of colour methinks… far too bright for my old tired eyes but other than that it’s super. :)

    p.s. LOVE the name.
    p.p.s. Ben – don’t be such a girl and stop bitchin :P

  10. Mallory said:


    Can’t wait to start browsing and learning new things — Already I’m excited at what I’m seeing, and I’ve only loaded up the site’s main page! O_O

  11. Hev said:

    When I am told that I can’t code a website because I am a girl then hell yeah, we need Girls Who Geek!

    Love the site. Bookmarked & read.

    Could I make a request? Snippets of code to borrow. Like the correct way to use background images in the ul css code instead of the li code so that when you have ol & ul you can actually not have to add a lot of extra properties. Does that even make sense?

  12. Vera said:

    Well it looks nice, and the title has a nice ring to it… now I just need to stop thinking you “stole” Chantelle’s layout (yes I know it’s a free template… can’t help it if I associate it with Chantelle though :P).

    Let’s see how it’ll fare. :)

  13. Nela said:

    Congrats, girls! :)

    One remark though, I’m not so sure a 4 column layout is appropriate, for example this “pathinfo($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME” is breaking through the box.

  14. Kitty said:

    Yay! About time. I have to say that while I totally love Tutorialtastic, I feel it’s time to see something fresh and new. :)
    And oh, I love the domain name. It rocks! XD

  15. Riitta said:

    Oh dear, it makes me really sad to see CodeGrrl closing, as that’s one of the first communities I was a part of online. *weeps* But yay for the collaboration as well! You’ve made a huge effort with GWG. :O

  16. Christine/Cine said:

    Quite. Fucking. Awesome! It has been years and years since I frequented CodeGrrl, but I’m way happy to see it come back in a new format. Bookmarked for sure! Good job!

  17. Kimberly said:

    This is wonderful news! It’s been a while since I’ve been to codegrrl & tutorialtastic, so having a fresh start will be awesome. Thanks, Jem!