OMG Ninjas in my Layout!

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So, here it is, finally all coded up and polished and pretty. My shiny new layout, which is totally awesome and 99% down to Ms Bloody Awesome Lilian. Yes, I have given her new names.

I say 99% because I tweaked the titles and made them not-italic because I have secret feelings of dread when it comes to italic. Of course, I could have been a good client and told Lilian this in advance (instead of saying “yeah, just do whatever”) but I don’t like to make life easy for people.

The new whizzbang layout comes with all the parts ready for me to turn on the tumbleloggyness of Habari + my uber coding (or… well, not, because I’ve broken it at the moment) so look out for that coming soon too. :D

Please tell Lilian how cool she is, because I’ve run out of ways to say it.

ETA: the ninja is in the sidebar on the front page ;)

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  1. Jordan said:

    Lilian has done a gorgeous job on this! Love the colors, the textures.. My favorite has to be the "Geek Inside"’s new look. That looks amazing!

    I am uber jealous and I would have to say this is the best layout, ever, that I’ve seen here! :D

  2. Ashley said:

    Looks awesome! I love the queen bee and the guestblock (and the cute ninja!). It’s very soft and feminine while still being full of web geeky ninja goodness. :)

  3. Mumblies said:

    It is truly beautiful! XD

    Love the colours and layout and the artwork is fab too. All the links work perfectly and each page loads nice and fast (which is good because I’m an impatient old bugger) Good to see your ninja came with the new version, I love that too. The spelling mistake link appears to be missing unless It’s my tired old eyes missing bits.

    WONDERFULLY done Lilian, this is so different and SO pretty, very very nice indeed!

  4. Han said:

    The illustrations are really lovely :)

    I’ve noticed that the search text in the search box is higher than the input box (FF on mac)

  5. Tanya said:

    Looks fab, much cuter and softer than I’ve come to expect from you but somehow seems to suit you well regardless. I really like the footer in particular.

  6. Riitta said:

    Oh my god, this is my layout! (Excluding the ninja.) This is completely, totally, down to the last bit what I have tried to create for my site-to-be, but have failed miserably. :( *cries in envy* I even had a dream about it last night, about the footer part with flowers. I’m gonna have to read your entries without actually visiting site from now on, because it feels like stab stabby stab into my heart! *exaggerates*

    So beautiful. I’m going to try and calm down now. Lilian, you’re a goddess. :)

  7. Theresa said:

    Wow, this is not something I have seen in your site before, it’s all soft and girly. Guess it was time for a change. Lilian did a wonderful job, the watercolor feel is nice and homey. This, I am gonna have to get used to.. :D

  8. Amelie said:

    I agree with Rachael :(

    Though having said that, Lil did make me a (not as good ;) ) layout some time ago that I really should get round to putting up at some point, but then people would just think I copied you (again) :P

  9. TWD said:

    Nicely done, Lil! This layout is fantastic, with a wonderful attention to detail! The sections in the bottom–was that handcoded or done via categories or plugin?

  10. Kerry said:

    Wow, this looks great. Lilian sure has done a good job, I’ll be sure to head over and tell her. =)
    There’s so much to it without it looking busy and over the top. I love it.

  11. Meg said:

    OMG what a pretty layout! I didn’t realize the ninja would only be on the index page, though, and spent a good minute looking for it :p

  12. Rose said:

    To reiterate: (my last comment I posted when I was still half asleep.)

    LOVE the look. Love the background especially, it’s everything I’ve always wanted to be able to do with a design and have never managed to pull off.

    I think the links page needs some re-working, right now it seems quite bare, especially since it lacks the sidebar.

    Love the entry headers, the sidebar, and the sketchy version of the geek inside logo.

    Awesome :)

  13. Jem said:

    @TWD: the bottom bit is hand-coded in for now, but when I get chance will be automated.

    @Rose: I have plans for the links page :D It’s one of a few that needs fixing (the 404 is buggered too.)

  14. Claire said:

    Wow, what a departure – must be the season for it! But very fitting – what with your shift in focus to more natural and homely things (motherhood, grow-your-own food etc etc). Loving the warm subtlety – it looks so easy, but is so hard to pull off well. Congrats on getting a design you’re happy with.

  15. Jana said:

    Wow, nice. :) I like it, she did a fab job. xD

    But I’m missing the Ninja. I can’t see it. :( Can someone point it out to me?

  16. Vasili said:

    It looks amazing I’m absolutely in love with the content area and the way Lil styled the comments. It’s going to need a little getting used to (definitely not the norm) but I mean that in a good way. :D

  17. Peter Green said:

    Shame that the arrogant "Ultimately better than you" rubbish is still at the top (it’s always baffled me why I/we keep coming back to this site when we’re told that we are sub standard???) but hey, it is a stunning theme non the less.
    Nice one Lilian!

  18. Adam said:

    Like everyone else, I think it’s fantastic! Okay, maybe I’m not so keen on flowers, but apart from that, it’s very, very good. And now, I want to see custom post types in action.

  19. Nellie said:

    This layout looks like a china set my parents have! I love it. It reminds me of dinner time. Haha.

    Excellent work, Lil… and you too, Jem, for coding it up nicely! :)

  20. Jane said:

    This is a truly beautiful theme. :) Y’know, you could probably tag-team with Lila to offer some premium Habari themes. I’m neither a coder nor a designer and I’m rapidly reaching my limit with tweaks I can make to my theme. Good job, Jem