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Useful (cool) icon finding site

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to find some obscure UK debit card icon, or a certain size of twitter icon (whatever) for work… I have an Icons folder for saving sets that I probably wouldn’t be able to find easily again:

(Like my desktop wallpaper? It’s from vladstudio)

And yet all along, there existed Iconfinder. Either I’m the last person to know about the icon search engine or it’s the world’s worst publicised website (it’s apparently existed since 2007?!) Either way, it’s top of my 2011 cool list.*

* this list is purely imaginary

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11 comments so far

  1. Angela said:

    You just found out about them? :(

    I suppose people should learn to share there awesome links more often *cough*shifty eyes*cough*. I love that site for the same reason you do though, they almost always have the obscure icon I am looking for!

  2. Katy said:

    sod the icons, this post reminded me of the awesomeness of Vladstudios, and made me spend (at least) half an hour trying to decide what to change my background to :)

  3. Kerry said:

    I’d never come across that website either, but after playing with it for a couple of minutes, I’ve decided that it’s one of my new favourites. :)

  4. Jenn said:

    Awesome. I have a folder like you with all the icons sets I have ever downloaded, please I have such a hard time finding sizes and icons for what I need some times.

    I didn’t know about the site, but I have bookmarked it. Awesome share!! :)

  5. Adrianne said:

    Hi Jem! Long time no see/comment LOL. :D

    I was rebuilding my old portfolio site last week and I actually stumbled upon Iconfinder when I was looking for hand-drawn style social networking icons. Apparently the ones I stumbled upon at design magazines and deviantART didn’t have any Tumblr icons LOL. Makes me wonder why many of these “social icon packs” that they offer for free download doesn’t include Tumblr anymore.

    It’s a great find, Jem. Glad you’re finding Iconfinder very useful. :)

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