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New Sexy GIMP Layout

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To celebrate my move to a superior operating system (too early for the fangirling?) I hereby release my latest layout. It’s got blue, it’s got ninjas, it’s got icons, a gradient, syndicated feeds… it must be some sort of web 2.0 mish-mash hodge-podge?!

I’m trying out some new things with this latest creation. For starters, it was made in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). I’ve never really played with it before, so consider this an excellent first attempt, and a demonstration that GIMP is certainly up to the job of replacing Photoshop in a personal dev. environment.

I’m also using the 960 grid system (12 column grid). It provides a basic structural framework to build your site on, allowing for multiple columns of multiple sizes without bloating the crap out of your main stylesheet. If you’re already familiar with floats and good CSS design, it’s definitely worth playing with.

So, I like it, what about you?

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63 comments so far

  1. Sean said:

    I love it, especially the colours although I think the links are a bit too dark. I like the red, and the random green when you hover the navigation.

    This is a nice change, I really wasn’t a fan of the last temporary layout.

  2. Liz said:

    Personally I like to use gimp (especially when it takes forever for ps to load). I made my latest layout on gimp.
    Well, it’s got to be good if it includes ninjas and gradients :D

  3. Vasili said:

    I love this layout. There are two things that bother me.

    1. I really don’t like the nav links. It’s the font and the color.
    2. More padding in the inputs/textareas.

    I love how the front page is laid out though. I don’t want to steal the idea, though. :(

  4. Regine said:

    I like the blue, but I think it’s kind of a bit too dark? Maybe cause I’m using electrical light and not natural. I’m sure it’ll be lighter tomorrow.

    One question…where did you take the green for the hover effect? I would have had a different and smaller font for the navigation, and I think I would have chosen another color (perhaps orange) to complement the blue better. I don’t think nor the red nor the green matches this beauty.

    Other than that, I LOVE IT!

  5. Nellie said:

    I was totally expecting an illustration of a ninja in a gimp suit when I read the permalink on Snark. Man, now I’m disappointed! :P

    I’m really, really liking how it fills up my screen! :)

  6. Vera said:

    The font’s rather small and cramped for me, and I have difficulty reading it. Love the ninja… as per usual.

    The layout, well it’s very YOU, which is a good thing. Wish I could finally find my own style.

    Oh GIMP too? I thought you were using PSP. Mine’s also made in GIMP: I caved in. Paint.NET saves jpgs in a disgusting quality.

  7. Mimi said:

    I hate blue but you said you aren’t changing it so I won’t mention the fact that I hate blue.. wait..? Haha, joking aside, I like it. It has a lot more structure than the last one I believe. I also prefer this ninja to the last one. :P

  8. Tracy said:

    I like the structure and almost everything about this layout (very different), I don’t like the NEON GREEN hovers in your navigation though.

    Why not use the color of your bullets for it?

    Well, and for me the link color is a little too dark.

    Yet, very nice indeed :)

  9. Katy said:

    I like the blue. and the structure. but I already told you that :)

    However, like the previous one, you are missing a guestblock link. tut tut.

  10. Julia said:

    I like the blues and whites, but like most people above, the navigation color isn’t my favorite.

    Also, now that I’m typing this comment, the contrast is getting to my eyes a bit. if it was grey, not white, it would probably be easier to read.

  11. Aaron said:

    It’s.. beautiful. I love organized layouts like this, so instant hit with me! I do have a few things that bother me. I find the colour you chose for visited links too dark. On my monitor, it’s almost the same colour as the background. Also, I find the colour of the border around these comment fields a little too bright.

    And you used GIMP? Wow, I’m actually impressed. I’ve seen wonders worked with it before, but I can never actually figure how to use it.

  12. Lauren said:

    Not sure about the colour of the hovers in the navigation, but everything else looks great. It’s very nicely laid out, and I’m a big fan of wide, clean layouts. Ninjas are always a plus, too.

  13. J said:

    I agree with those that don’t like the color of the hover on the navigation. It doesn’t go with the rest of the layout at all. But then again, neither does the red. Also the link color is too dark. I have to strain my eyes to read it.

    I like the overall setup of the layout minus the fact that it has more than 2 columns. I always have hated 3+ column layouts though.

  14. Kaylee said:

    Oooh, I remember downloading the grid thing before. Just haven’t used it yet :P

    Anyways, I love the look of this layout… the color for visited links is way too dark and difficult to read, though.

  15. Aisling said:

    It’s a little bright (the top part, obviously… not the *dark* blue, lol)… I’ll just turn down the contrast whenever I visit you. :P Some more contrast between the links (the ones I am looking at are the names of the commenters) could be nice. :)

  16. Sam said:

    I really love the way everything is laid out – it’s very sexy! The colours are nice, though I am not sure about the green hover on the navigation.

    This gives me hope for GIMP, since I am without Photoshop at the moment.

  17. Anita said:

    Visited link color = Waaay to dark.
    Everything else = PERFECT! I like the navigation at the top. It is…decorative!
    But the comments seem to ‘run into each over’. I used to read all the comments, but now
    ..And after reading them, I 2nd Sean. Unless somebody already 2nd’d Sean…cause I don’t want to read ALL the comments…
    I didn’t like the last layout either. Heh :|

  18. Jordan said:

    I definitely like the grid setup you have for your main page; You should definitely spruce up and/or take advantage of that when viewing your single posts, and pages. :)

  19. Alison said:

    I really, really love the grid, and I’m neutral on the colors. My one dislike? The text is a bit hard to read. I’m not sure if it’s the color or the size, or both. The red hover color on the links is also a bit painful for the eyes.

    Other than that, all’s well!

  20. TWD said:

    I agree with Jordan: the front page is awesome! Also I support the motion for more contrast with links! The visited blue is nigh invisible on your background. (And o_O at the green in the nav ;P)

    The GIMP is definitely pretty good! I’ll have to give 960 a try; I’ve been hearing a lot about grid systems and keep planning to fiddle with them, but I usually don’t see them applied on the sites I visit, although that may change.

  21. Noellium said:

    Wow, the front page is awesome. :D The red links in the navigation seemed a bit random, among the dark, indigo blue (until I hovered over the navigation and saw the bright green). :P

  22. Margot said:

    I like the new layout Jem, I just think it should be that much better if you cropped the top approx 75 pixels, so there’s only about 10px of space above the ninja’s head. It seems like unnecessary white space; I like scrolling down a bit so it appears as if that’s where the top of the layout is in my browser. I like the grid; different from the average set up a lot of blogs have. And good to see people using GIMP; although I use Photoshop right now it’s more because I was forced to buy it (my school’s program) so I’m using it because I have it, but I never thought PS was the be-all and end-all of paint programs. ;)

  23. Amber said:

    Jem, this is a very sexy layout and the only thing I would change at all is cleave off a little of the top. Other than that… well, this is my most favorite layout I’ve ever seen on your site. :) Really, just skljdflksjdf. Please keep it up for, like, five months!

  24. Christina said:

    The only thing that bothers me is the color you used for the navigation hovers. So neon. And it doesn’t really go with the red. Otherwise, this is amazingly sexy and I say yes!

  25. Sarah said:

    I like the simplicity of the design. One thing though, the red menu links do not seem quite right with that blue background. The hover green looks great, however. :)

  26. Gem said:

    I like the concept of the layout and I like the shape – the grid system seems to work very nicely! However, I don’t like the colours. The text is on the itty bitty side and a little more contrast might be nice. The red and blue of the header are growing on me, but I think that it’s the lilacy-blue colour used for links and the ‘ultimately better than you’ I’m not so keen on. Despite all this, considering you’ve been brave enough to venture to a whole new programme – it’s pretty cute! (particularly loving the ninja as always!)

  27. C Hal said:

    Oh, Jem, I love it. In fact, I lurve it. The only thing I think is that you should lighten the text color a tad (but then again, I need a stronger prescription for my glasses.)

  28. Kachii said:

    I have to say, I’m not a fan.

    I don’t think dark blue, almost blood red and neon green go at all. >_< Maybe that was the point, but I don’t like it anyhow I try to look at it. :P

    As for the front page; it is reminiscent of the Japanese websites I keep trying to decipher recently (in accordance with my studies). Surprisingly, most popular Japanese websites didn’t figure out the concept of simplicity yet and fancy putting everything they can onto the front page in this grid-like format and it does put me off in quite a big way.

  29. Enrapture said:

    I like it! It’s very simple and clean and I love that in a blog. I may be a little biased though. My favorite color is blue and I have a bit of a thing for ninjas..heehee

  30. Peter said:

    I like the new layout! It took me a while to get used to it, but it quickly grew on me. :) The only thing I would change is the navigation link’s hover color, it could be just a little bit darker. Not much though! The combination of the font and the colors of the navigation links give it a little bit of that DOS feel, which I like.

    I noticed an error with your tags, when you click on one, it only shows the newest entry that has that tag.

  31. Annie said:

    The colours remind me of those from the old games, a la Mario and Sonic. I like the fact that you’ve got excerpts of past posts, requiring little scrolling in case one goes amiss of reading.

    Although, at first, it looked as if my window had been bombarded with an overload of text-sections, that isn’t the case any more. Your homepage looks organised despite what I mentioned before.

    I like it and the ninja adds the polishing touch. :)

  32. echo said:

    I couldn’t figure out why everyone was talking about neon green… then I realized my eyes read it as yellow. (Yellow and blue make green, it’s sealed!)
    Anyway, I like when people branch out and play with funky colours. So I applaud your use of RBG!

    I’m also intrigued by this 960 grid business; I’ve downloaded it and… well, it will probably sit on my computer forever, but I intend to play with it at some point. You’ve certainly put it to great use. Your main page is chock full o’ content without looking busy or like someone vomited text everywhere.
    I think you should keep the single post pages as they are, though.

    In conclusion: Good job all around. (As usual.)

  33. Stephanie said:

    I must be the only one who doesn’t feel like this is a "Jem" style layout :P Everyone says the blue is too dark, but I personally feel like it’s too desaturated. If you brought it up a few steps, maybe people would like it better? Not that you have to do anything they tell you to do ;) Haha.

  34. Caity said:

    Even though I don’t run Linux anymore I still use programs that I started using when I ran it, like Gimp and OpenOffice, among others.

    I’d like an update on if you are going to run video games on Linux or dual boot for that. I am pretty sure that technology and emulators have come a long way since I tried it.

  35. Annie said:

    I think everything is perfect except for the red navigation. Red does not look good on blue. Otherwise, I think this layout is fantastic!

  36. Liz said:

    It is so well laid out and takes about 2 seconds to load on my extremely slow internet. The font is a bit small but I adjusted that. The only thing I don’t like is the neon green in the roll over for the navigation.

  37. Adrianne said:

    Love the new layout, especially the fact that it’s blue. ;)

    I’ve always wanted to try out GIMP but I’ve gotten attached to my old school Photoshop (CS2) that it’s hard for me to part from it. I’m loving the ninjas too. :)

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