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The jemjabella household is a bit of a zoo, covering several different species: from pedigree cats to exotic spiders. While a hundred (exaggeration) pets might not be everyone's idea of fun, and there's no shortage of cleaning duties to be had, there's always something furry looking for a cuddle and a fuss.

Five Things I Had Forgotten..

..about owning a cat:

  1. Anything and everything relating to cats becomes cute or funny. You find yourself browsing the likes of icanhascheezburger even though you’re totally anal about grammar and spelling usually. Videos like kittens playing with loo roll on YouTube makes you go “aww” rather than “holy shit, look at all the mess!”, not to mention ending up on your bookmarks list.
  2. You don’t need an alarm clock. Get your cat into a routine of having breakfast at 7:20 on a work morning and he will, without hesitation, wake you up at that time every morning for the rest of your life. Even on Caturdays Saturdays. And Sundays. (The person who made this clip? So right.)
  3. Food is no longer safe on the kitchen surface. Or at all, in fact. Want to keep that second portion of salmon for your lunch tomorrow? PUT IT STRAIGHT IN THE FRIDGE. That lovely butter fudge? Eat it now, before it magically disappears out of its sealed paper bag.
  4. Games, important documents and coding were all meant to be interrupted by random bouts of “asfjlsdkfk asdkjld,m xd uhjjkjjhjsd”. This is the cat, learning to type and play Age of Empires. It’s not his fault that you happened to be right in the middle of a battle where you’d just got the upper hand on the enemy and were about to wipe them out.
  5. Bookcases were made for conquering, fingers for biting, old socks for chasing, and feet walking past the end of the bed definitely for pouncing on.

You cat owners are sat here nodding in agreement, right?

Hex Goes Walkies

bookcase explorationKarl and I took a trip to a local pet superstore today, and purchased one “cat harness”. I’m personally against the majority of cat collars and I hate strapping cats up, but as Hex lives in a first floor flat he doesn’t really have the means or opportunity to go out and explore. What’s more, until he’s neutered (soon kitty, soon) unsupervised outdoors time is a no-no.

Anyway, we bought this harness and it’s odd contraption. A velvet-y collar that sits around the neck, over the back and behind the front legs. We put it on him and after giving him time to get over the urge to twist out of it, we clipped on the included lead and set out…

bookcase explorationI say set out, but that suggests actually going somewhere. This is not really the whole truth because we spent the next 15-20 minutes exploring The Forbidden Hallway (outside the flat) before plucking up the courage to go anywhere. Even then it was greatly assisted by me cuddling him close and wandering around slowly. When we finally opened the bottom door to actually go out into the big scary world beyond the comfort of home, Hex got spooked by a 4×4 (SUV thing) and shot up out of my arms, up my neck and attached himself to my shoulders… all claws out!

Nonetheless we recovered, played in the golden yellow leaves that are collecting on the floor, and met some new people. Hex is all safe and sound back inside now though (fed and pampered) and purring away on Karl’s lap. It was an experience to say the least, and I mean for me!

Hex Ate My Homework

Not really, but I couldn’t think of a creative title for the random/mixed load of waffle that this entry is going to be.

Firstly, I present you with Hex dressing up/playing LOLCAT:

Hex does chores Hex in concert Hex makes a potion Hex plays golf

Created for your viewing pleasure by Aisling (x3) and Hanna (x1)

Next, I can confirm that my course materials have arrived complete with a big chunky book on HTML/CSS. Shame it’s of little use to me really, because it couldn’t possible teach me anything I don’t already know. (Ego ftw.)

I have collected names and e-mail address of anyone who has volunteered to beta test scripts and will probably be contacting you shortly. I’ll also go through the directory script name suggesions and see which one I like best. NinjaLinks sounds kinda groovy right now, hehe.

Remember the incident with the stolen code? Well, shortly after that was sorted I sent another cease and desist to Lana of In fact, I sent several to multiple e-mail addresses just to be on the safe side. Despite sending those, she is still redistributing my code so I’m cutting out step 2 (contacting the host) this time and giving her a bit of a plug. She’s obviously so desperate for hits that she has to fill her site with e-mail forwards (sorry, “Reads”) so why not send a few her way…

Those who choose to take my code obviously do so because they have no idea how to write their own. The irony in that is that the original skinning tutorial is old and contains a possible XSS/code injection vulnerability due to unsanitised data being sent to the browser… but we won’t mention that, will we? Oops. That’s fixed a tutorialtastic btw, so always get your code from the source for safety :)

On a final note… I saw Christmas wrapping paper in a shop last week. Can you believe they’re doing it already? I mean, I love Chrismas but that takes the piss.

Hex: One Week On

Yes, I have nothing of any interest to blog about so I’m filling the gap with some random kitty pictures. (Hands up if you predicted this’d happen!)

kitty kitty kitty

If you saw my “Named the Kitty” side-post, you’ll know we named him Hex. For those that didn’t get it: it’s a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel reference, a computering term, and the word “hex” is very witchy… quite apt for a black cat.

My only problem is taking pictures of him. Firstly, he won’t sit still (but I’m used to that with my niece and nephew). Secondly, being black he seems to absorb all of the light. He tends to end up looking like a dark blob in the middle of the floor. Any suggestions from you uber photographers (Claire, I’m thinking of you here) welcome!

Named the Kitty

We decided to name the kitty “Hex”, for various reasons…

My New Kitty

There’s a new addition to our little family… meet the as-of-yet unnamed (unless you count Karl calling him “Mofo”) sleeping ball of fur (AKA my new kitten):


He’s noisy, and has a habit of licking everything, but is the cutest kitten in the whole damned world. Says me, right.